T.T.F. SF4 2v2 Team Tourney- San Diego, CA.- 10/23 Results & Shout Outs


14 Teams of 2
Top 8:**
1st- final boss- CaliPower (Ryu)/ Mike Ross (E. Honda)
2nd- space jam starting ken i- Ken I (Rufus)/ NeRemixed (Akuma)
3rd- Very Flashy… And Hit Many Buttons- AlexMan (C. Viper)/ yeb (Gen)
4 poke that bitch
5 shady nemo
5 blasphemes anger
7 papa shango
7 boss hogs

9 Man Against Rape
9 paranarmal activity
9 Handsome 2.0
9 pimp nuts
13 final fantasy VIII
13 kamikaze


like: funny people
dislikes- people who think there funny by repeating themselves… all love

Team Final Boss- was sent to losers by ken i team and came back hard in losers. You guys reseted the match and it seemed like you knew you won.

Team Space Jam featuring Ken I- Good shit Ken I for putting on a good show also good shit Lagade for showing what you gots.

**Team blasphemes anger **- Good seeing you Jack always a honor and nice meeting you killerkai. Also nice meeting Mark’s friend Faye.

Boss Hog- good shit mos def run it back. I hate fuerte and dhalsim lol

Good shit to all the SD teams that made it out to play you guys know this tourney wouldnt happen without you guys


GS to san diego as usual. However I felt that tonight the temperature was like 40 degrees cooler than normally, it was way too cold fo my ass :(. I wasn’t prepared for the FOG


You would’ve been prepared if you had my directions


Good stuff la always coming down with some good games

I was a salty bitch that’s for sure my performance was the exact opposite of daraleth singing on rock back that guys voice is like a mixture between fergy and jesus real talk.

but real reals nice seeing the La homies and nice meeting daraleth that guy is a top notch dancer singer and sf player is their anything he can’t do???

boss ross good shit as always

mr. valle glad you came down and had a good time, not glad i passed out and didnt get any games with you :frowning:


Nice seein’ everyone. Good show!


Good job guys! LA… always coming down to take the fight $… NICE.


I’m glad i was able to hit links by the end of the tourney. GG gents. I think I need to play more.


Crack session til 4 am while nemo was passed out.

gg SD & LA


Never had so much fun playing my favorite game. I was in my own little world. Good shit to unprotectedsex, all of SD, guys from LA.



Good shite to all the players! If I had any more gumption to play SF4, I would. Definitely good times, and maybe when the guys go out there again, I’ll be sure to join!


GGs SD!!

Thanks for throwing a great tourney unprotectedSEX and for your awesome hospitality!

Had a great time with the SD players with that crack session =)


thanks for making the trip :slight_smile:

you too, mike ross. love you


np man
watching your ryu in real life compared to videos is something else

i wish i played more than 1 set with you and the other sd heads
but i just got tekken and was really into it lol

hope the next big one you and the other guys come back down


last place ftw lol
that was my 1st time seeing valle’s ryu in person, i know what combo i need to work on


Valle broke my heart with those clutch DPs in our match. GGs to him and Mike Ross for coming down.

Also, just gotta give Mr.Certified a shout out here for taking Mike Ross out in the first game. Sorry I couldn’t capitalize on that win and get us a set. Solid games all the way around though, you took out a lot of people.

Wish I could have stuck around for the casuals after. See all the SD people on Wednesday though.

–Jay Snyder


Thanks to everyone that came down, especially Valle for the crack session. San Diego’s slowly getting better. GGs to everyone, and special props to my flashy button mashing teammate for stepping up big time against Shady and Nemo. AlexMan should be back on station 1, imo.


Yeah big ups to alexman , yeb , viscant for raping us. also marco for stepping it up vs cody and k sexy. I’m proud of my sd mates I just hope we can keep getting better and better.


fsho man. however, theres still alot i have to learn with chun and level her up to the max. GG’s we did though.

shoutouts to everyone that i played, didnt play, saw, and said wassup to. box arena all day!

oh and cody, T.T.F. Street Fighter IV Level Yo’ Game Up Tourney- San Diego, CA.- 9/25/09 where and what time will this event be starting?


congrats to alex valle and mike ross.