T.T.F. SF4 2v2 Team Tourney- San Diego, CA.- 10/23


A 2v2 team tourney for Street Fighter IV at T.T.F.

The T.T.F. Dojo

Friday 23, 2009
Doors open at 7:30 PM
Sign Ups at 7:30PM- 8:30PM
Tourney starts at 8:30PM- 9:00PM

Break Down:
Entry Fee: $20 per team, $10 per person, $9.00 to pot; $1.00 to venue
**Cash payout for 1st and 2nd only. **
1st- 70% of the pot and 2nd- 30% of the pot

**Format: **
Double Eliminaton
2 out of 3 games ( Like the SBO qualifiers)
Grand Finals will be 3 out of 5. If both teams agree to 2 out of 5
If coming form losers you must reset it.

-No Same Character in the Team
-Pokemon Format
Team 1 2 vs Team A B
1 beats A
B beats 1
2 beats B
Team 1 2 wins

Winning team keeps same order
while losing team can switch

Playstation 3



  1. WELIKETEA- n3m0n1c/shadyK
  2. (maybe) Purple Rain- call2arms/the dumadagger
  3. Very Flashy… And Hit Many Buttons- AlexMan/ yeb
  4. Team Handsome 2.0- unprotectedSEX/KSexy
    5 ???- pimpbot9000/ mr. hangover
  5. Boss Hog- Marco_m/sannsann
  6. ???- CaliPower/???
  7. ???- Nomadic/Shivish
  8. ???- steinmania/aa kurtz
  9. ???- KillerKai/ Combo Jack
    11.???- Viscant/MR.CERTIFIED
  10. ???- SESD/ gcsupra
  11. ???- T.G. Cid/corneliuscack
    Free Agents:

Set- Ups (3 for tourney 3 for casuals):

  1. Cody
  2. Cody
  3. Cody


  1. Cody
  2. Chong Wang
  3. J- Flo


n3m0n1c + shadyK team WELIKETEA


Put me down as a Maybe… Team Purple Rain. Duma and Free2A


Sign us up.

Yeb and AlexMan. Team Very Flashy… And Hit Many Buttons.



i do believe me and fernando are teaming up for this only so he wont jab me out of everything i do like friday :crybaby:

not sure of a team name but it will most likely end up as a combination of our two handles. maybe i’ll think of something more creative but you can’t really go wrong with the combination of our names i guess.


Just to let you know this will be the last tourney of this month. Next Friday I’m taking a break and will be attending the Ranbat at AI on 11/1. I highly suggest people in SD go. If you do decide to go make sure you pre reg on the website on the AI Ranbat thread.


PIMP NUTS oh yeah!


Blow jobs for 3rd place??? shady and I will purposely take 3rd if you can arrange this.


Here Comes A New Challenger!

Sign me and my Time Release Partner up plz :cool:


Not a game Not a game -

P.S. My partner is not from SD


will be nice to have you
try to get a couple of teams going from up there!!!

last team tourney the 3v3 was a good turn out. like 4-5 teams came down for it
hope it happens for the 2v2. should be smooth with like 4 tvs going on




hollat me if you need a partner. Free agent at the moment!


I also need a partner. Hit me up on PSN for some games, I need more practice. I can also provide a ps3 and game if needed for the tourney.


Come on guys need at least 8 more teams to make it 16.


I will be going to this but I don’t have a team yet.

<-- tall skinny Gen player from last weekend.


man im a franchise player and we here talkin bout practice…

epic shit valle…epic shit hahha


Nomadic + Shivish for a team. Thanks for putting these on Cody :slight_smile:


hi jeremey will you be joining us in sd?


Jack and myself will be in attendance