T.T.F. SFIV Level Yo' Game Up Tourney-San Diego,CA-9/25 Results & Shout Outs


37 participants
1st- pimpbot9000- Able
2nd- mr.hangover- Balrog
3rd- bcchoi - Bison
4th- unprotectedSEX- Rufus
5th- SESD- Balrog
5th- chris lionheart- Sagat
7th- jj- Ryu
7th- pbs- Ryu

9 dutecks
9 Maku
9 chongwang
9 KSexy
13 onegai james
13 oceansideDOODS
13 the dumadagger
13 Andrew V
17 cornelius cack
17 jaytoh
17 omni
17 ball sacks
17 megaman
17 slappy slaps
17 marco_m
17 jokersss
25 final aura
25 call2arms
25 reggie gaga
25 casper
25 ixj
25 aizombie
25 big sexy
25 killabyte
33 zer0vital
33 iheartchunli
33 stina_chan
33 darkkai
33 phestik

there were a lot of ryus and balrogs


1st of all this tournament was a great success. Almost every match was a close one and all fun to watch.
I want to thank all the new faces for coming out and playing and I encourage all of you to come out for RanBats also, you dont have to play, but do watch and play casuals.

Final Aura- i hate cammy with all my heart

chris lionheart- i hate sagat with all my heart

jj- i hate ryu with all my heart

jason- your able is awesome

louie and fernando- i hate balrog with all my heart


Taking a break next Friday (10/02)
RanBat 2.2 is next.


GGs to bcchoi and mizuno haduken.

If there’s anyone im content about losing to last night, it would be these two guys making me play against my two personal worst matchups. Definitely gaining experience each and everytime i play solid blankas and bisons. I learned a lot last night and getting more comfortable playing against these two chars.

Thanks to cody for hostingg
Definitely level’d my game up


Cody you forgot me and alex tied for 39th :frowning:


GGs to you too killabyte.

Wish I could have stayed till the end. PBS, it’s too bad I quadruple paused forfeited =P


thanks for hosting Cody

ggs to the folks I played

Pimpbot/Jason/IlldrivetoLAin15min; why we have to go back an forth so often?
Good shit, and your Abel keeps getting better.



i fucking hate jason…lol

congrats to the top 5 players…

maku, get your timing right on the turn punch so i can win…so mad…


fernando switched to boxer?


This was a fun event, thanks for hosting it Cody.

GGs & thanks to Crystal(?), Johnny, and James (don’t know anyone’s SRK names, sry). Sorry if the gg handshakes were sweaty, my hands sweat easily when I’m nervous. uh thanks to alexman too for the tips when i was against the gief. but apparently my noob thinking was too loud and overrode whatever the hell you told me.

It was a good experience, looking forward to the next one. Hopefully I’ll have leveled up a lot more by then.


Sallabout08 switched to scrub? heard you lost to blackgeif is this true???


Thanks for hosting Cody. Had a good time for my first tourny, even though I got my ass beat. Better than playing in lag, right? Looking forward to the next level up style tourney.

Unprotected- I love cammy. But its okay, I love rufus too.

Real shit though, my fucking hori stick decided to die when I came home. Plugged it in and it doesn’t work anymore. Won’t even detect on my comp or ps3. FAIL. Stickless for a while now.


rip hori
if your stick had the cammy art
my girlfriend liked it


gg’s everyone. had a lot of fun at this tourny. good to see a lot of new faces.

props to pimpbot and cody for bustin my ass.


quote of the night
" if i didnt top 8 i was gonna quit"


(6:10:07 PM) n3m0n1c: you playing in the level up your game tourny
(6:10:15 PM) me: yar
(6:16:14 PM) n3m0n1c: u better win
(6:16:16 PM) n3m0n1c: dont fall off
(6:16:38 PM) me: i cant fall off if i’ve never been on top
(6:34:43 PM) n3m0n1c: well
(6:34:50 PM) n3m0n1c: i consider you top of the level up your game tourny
(6:34:54 PM) n3m0n1c: so if you dont get top 4
(6:34:57 PM) n3m0n1c: then you fell off

i guess nemo jinxed me in the right way :blush:

ggs to everyone of course. and god damn fernando i really didnt want to play another set which is why i went crazy on the 5th game :lovin:. im just glad you didnt switch to bison or i would have been rather sad.

hope to see all those new faces at upcoming events soon though. keep the scene alive and keep levelin yo game up!


Quote of the night - “MAKE HIM LOOK STUPID!!!”


Good games everybody. It was almost like a whole new crowd this week! Everyone should come out to the other tournaments and really level up.

PBS- Fighting you reminds me that I need to learn to tech throws. And not wear straw cowboy hats during matches.

Big Sexy- The Battle of the Sexys. Your Vega is nice and solid, had me going a few rounds. But I had to claim my Sexy crown.

Marco Polo- Goddamn that shit was intense. Your Fuerte is getting ridiculously scary. I’m lucky Fuerte takes so much damage.

And congrats to Pimpbot for taking this shit.


LOL that is how our conversation went. and you lived up to my oracle reading.


Yeah… that was it. RIP for sure. Learned a lot on that thing.

Sanwa buttons will get some rest for a while.


GGs TO everyone I played…New faces, variety of characters used,and hell of a good time.

Cody: Thanx for throwing this, it was Awesome!:smile:

Louie: GG to you and it just had to be you to DBLE eliminate me HaHa regardless Good shit

Doods: HaHa dude I was lucky enough to fuck up…but your right I should get my timing down for my TAP…or should i:wonder:?..Mwahahaha!..nonetheless it was a really good game.

Jokers: Your a SCRUB and I hate you…shouldn’t have lost to that blanka…bitch…HaHa JK Check your stick dude, PCB perhaps? Anyway, Double R.kelly?..Luck pure Luck HaHa JK…nah for real luck…

Slappyslaps: You got the HONDA curse!!! and ur Honda sucks my BIG BLUE BALL…

Casper: FUCKEN GREAT SHIT!!! Random Ultra FTW:amazed:!!! Damn I enjoyed that match…

Nemo, Alex, Lagade: Check ur ASS!!! Haha JK except Lagade he made me check mah ASS…HaHa nonetheless good game guys…

Pimpbot: You + Abel = Awesome

SAM: thanx for Tips and advice!

And to all I forgot to mention: I had fun and hope to have even more. GGs.:smile: