T.T.F. Street Fighter IV Level Yo' Game Up Tourney Vol.2- San Diego, CA.- 10/16/09


This will be a tournament used for the so called “newb” players of Street Fighter IV. There will be certain people who can not partake in this event and you know who you are! It’s the players we all pray not to play first in a tourney or that beats us repeatedly online or during casuals. This tournament will be used to"level your game up," were players on the same level can play each other. This is pretty much dedicated for all the SD players to, unless you know you should be in this tourney if your driving down from SoCal.
Entry Fee:** $6.00; $5.00 pot and $1.00 to T.T.F.
**Payout: **1st- 70%, 2nd- 20%, and 3rd- 10%

Mi Casa

October 16th 2009
This is a Friday
Doors Open at 7:30
Sign Ups at 7:30
Starts at 8- 8:30

2/3 Rounds,
2/3 Games
Double Elimination
99 Seconds
No Handicap

Playstation 3

If the players do not agree on a stage within 15 seconds, the match will be random stage select.

btw i have an idea about who should and should not be in the tourney

Hope to see you all there!b




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sign me up!


yo yo!

sign me up!!!



Damn i’d really like to join this tourney, so i can finally have a shot of winning one :rofl:


nah right?


Giorgio play this guy, his soul is free for the taking.


will be there…


ill be there. though a little late


I should be there :smiley:


im down like gravity wuddup.


round up all your ucsd buddies sannsann!



hello new to forums saw this post. was wondering where is this being held? pay in advance etc?
can anybody go? any info would help thanks.


If you need the address, you can ask unprotectedSEX to send you a PM. The tournament fee is taken when you sign up. Pretty much anyone can go so bring a friend!


can i please get a pm for address info unprotectedsex. thanks for the help ksexy


i want to play but i don’t have a ps3 stick… can i borrow someones?


pm sent


someone is always willing to let you borrow their stick so don’t get discouraged about not coming out to events if you don’t have a stick to use because someone will always have one.


50/50 chance ill be signing up
but will be showing up