T.T.F. Street Fighter IV Level Yo' Game Up Tourney Vol.2-San Diego,CA-10/16- Results

35 players in a 64 man bracket… (i hate dealing with byes! lol)

1st- unprotectedSEX- Rufus
2nd- laceysan- Boxer/Gouken/ Ryu
3rd- mr. hangover- Boxer
4th- pimpbot9000- Able
5th- sloth- Dictator
5th- repulse- Sagat
7th marco_m- El Fuerte
7th- mr. certified- Chun Li

9 Jeremy Chance
9 B. Basto
9 Maku
9 steinmania
13 KSexy
13 Dylan
13 aa kurtz
13 bj len
17 nothing put a flip thing
17 killabyte
17 jokersss
17 natmecha
17 chuck
17 mizuno hadouken
17 sannsann
17 kaiten619
25 tanabe
25 Art
25 vagina party
25 niklow
25 iheartchunli
25 reggie gaga
25 cornelius cack
33 pablo
33 call2arms
33 commander keen
33 poetic flow

shout outs to all i played and a big thank you for all of you that brought your set ups for casuals.

where the fuck were all those people that showed up to the 1st one?
if you guys made it that shit might of been a full 64 man bracket.
until next time

damn… finally broke into the top 8

thanks for running another quality event, i had lots of fun, good meeting all the new players too

Dude i’ll try and make it to the next one for sure. Grats unprotected.

I need to level ups

that was hella fun, good shit like always cody

Lots of fun. Good to see a lot of new faces come out and enter. Hopefully this motivates everyone to come out more often, like going to Box Arena class sessions and events or giving try at RanBats or something. Good games to everyone I played. Oh, and Laceysan has the best dance moves in SD.

Laceysan needs to get a drum machine by the way i saw him play his stick on friday. no homo LOL