T.T.F. Street Fighter IV RanBat 2.1- San Diego, CA.- 08/28/09 Results & Shout Outs


29 Entrants

Top 8
1st- Ken I- 8 points
2nd- Mike Ross- 7 points
3rd- Frank Fresh- 6 points
4th- yeb- 5 points
5th- NeRemixed- 3 points
5th- n3m0- 3 points
7th- G3rald- 1 point
7th- Alexman- 1 point

9 Purrin
9 GCSupra
9 unprotectedSEX
9 deci
13 Mr. Hangover
13 mr certified
13 Ghengis
17 KSexy
17 Jokersss
17 lei_techsman
17 Suhpreme
17 pimpbot
17 Repulse
17 Jozu
17 Donis
25 Tommy
25 juanbomb
25 Chuck
25 laceysan
25 ronsho


shout outs to arrogant bastard ale for enabling me to impersonate the way people laugh and make me forget about the stupid heat.

nemo where’s my 3 bux punk? dont think i forgot about your asking price!@

TTF baby we back!


I wanna thank all the players who came out to play, first it seemed like it was gonna be a small tourney than everyone showed up out of nowhere.

Thanks to the out of towners such as Ken I and Mike also Purrin making that drive from Oceanside, you guys are always welcomed.

Good shit to frank for getting up there to

again thanks to all of you for making it happen till next time


Glorious return of TTF! Shout outs to everyone that made it out and played. Saw a good amount of new faces. Marvel was crazy hype last night! And to the people I played:

-Adonis keep working on hitting the headbutt to ultra combo.

-Mike Ross making me go through the Tiger Aggrocrag. Always a pleasure watching your Honda though. Taking those notes.

-Gerald, taking me through another round of the obstacle course that is Sagat’s tiger wall. It was fun though. I’ll get you next time!

Oh and thanks to Deci for the tips.


Do, do, do you have it?


what about the 2 or 3 curve balls you devoured i thought just said keep the change for those you dirty bastard

shout out to ttf for always being fun as hell

shout out to mike for drum action

and uh frank frizzle for always surprising people

alexman for falling off. . . .

everyone else <3 and mike ross is just so damn to shoot the shit with lol.


Glad i decided to go last night. Lots of fun. See ya’ll Next TTF.

Marvel Baby ! :smiley:


dios u gotta let me play some more marvel w/ some tips sir.


Up + Up + Down + Down + Left + Right + Left +Left + A +b = lol


GGs last night. That was indeed a long battle. For those wondering why I looked so anti-social last night, I was a little sleep deprived. 3 straight nights of SF4 in a row until 2am, then 9 hr work days took a toll on me. Conserving as much energy wasn’t enough in my final 2 matches. But I did have fun. 12 hrs of sleep never felt so good.


@ Cody - Thanks for the good times. I didn’t think I was gonna make it in time. But glad I did.

@ ronsho - Be a little patient. And you will see the difference in your game.

@ GC Supra - Sorry for the tiger shot obstacle course. I had to do it big homie.

@ Deci - I was wondering why you didn’t jump. Hence the tiger shot obstacle course as well.

@ Mike Ross - It was an honor to finally battle against you. I def need to switch up my game now.

@ Ken I - Your rush down is still beastly. Next time I hope to adjust.

@ Christine & Alissa - Thank you ladies for keeping me awake and entertained. And don’t spend all my Fight Money :slight_smile:

@ Nemo & Lacey - For keeping it hype every time I played.


again GG’s to everyone, I wanna try to hit up SD more often to chill with you folks.

n3m0n1c - LIES! I would NEVER do such a thing. muhahaha :slight_smile:

And thanks for letting me use ur sticks…

…no homo


i was hacked x_x


Takes a gay man to admit something like that…

Had a lot of fun on Friday, thanks for the tourney!


any pics? sounds like fun. :stuck_out_tongue: