T.T.F. Street Fighter IV Singles Tournament- San Diego, CA.- 3/12 ShoutOuts & Results

Street Fighter IV: Top 8
1st- yeb (Gen)
2nd- Ken I (Akuma)
3rd- AlexMan (C. Viper)
4th- Viscant (Blanka/ Gief)
5th- Suhpreme (Sagat/ Dictator)
5th- BEEFCAKE (Boxer)
7th- pimpbot9000 (Able)
7th- Who is J-Mo? (Boxer)

Honorable Mention
9th- Maku
9th- DJMasters
9th- NeRemixed
9th- Nomadic

good shit for the 20 something people coming out and playing last night i had a blast
I lost to stretchy arm people x_x
good shit to DJ almost cracked that top 8 and nomadic to

tourney in april 16th thats 2 weeks before super comes out
also next wednesday LYGU session so sign up
people playing in sd 5v5 qualifiers get your practice in that wednesday

hypest match of the night;
commander keen vs AlexMan

I like how the top 8 is all diff chars.

ken i randomly showed up? lol cool

Good stuff fellas. Good to see everyone again. Maybe I’ll break that top 8 at the next tourney. =P

fun night as always at ttf

ggs to all i played

didnt think i would make it as far as i did

and thx for the dollar ksexy

Thanks for hosting Cody.

ggs all, been a few months so really nice to see everyone.