T.T.F's Ladies of Street Fighter: SD Edition & SFIV Singles- San Diego, CA.-?


Date has been postponed will keep you updated

Street Fighter IV has brought out a lot of players. It has also brought out a lot of players that aren?t boys? Yes I mean girls and they love to play. From an idea brought to you by the players at Arcade Infinity, we here at T.T.F. give you the ladies of Street Fighter IV: San Diego Edition.

The Ladies of Street Fighter IV: San Diego edition tourney.

Entry Fee: FREE!!!

Prizes for top 3!!!
Ladies of Street Fighter: SD Edition Prizes:
1st- $30.00 Westfield gift certificate
2nd- $20.00 Westfield gift certificate
3rd- $10.00 Westfield gift certificate

Looking for at least 8- 16 lovely ladies to join us in this tournament. Where going to let these ladies duke it out in this game we call Street Fighter IV and see who is the Queen of SD and maybe some of the ladies from SoCal will be joining us to show are ladies what they got. Shortly after the LoSFIV tourney there will be a regular SFIV tourney on the side for like $6 dollars, will not be a RanBat.

Also, like the founders, AI, of this event, I would like to do profiles on the players for the site.

If you or know anyone interested in the tourney pleas contact me over aim or e-mail me.

A.I.M.- c0dycant0llie (the o?s are zeros)
E-mail- kodybeast@yahoo.com

The Dojo

Side Event:**
Street Fighter IV
Double Elimination
3/5 grand finals
Entry fee $10: $9.00 poy $1.00 to T.T.F.
Cash Pay out 1st-70% 2nd-20% and 3rd- 10%

Will begin shortly after the Ladies tourney


The Roster:

  1. ???
  2. HunEBee- Coach: Box Arena
  3. StinaChan- Coach: Kindevu
  4. Aizombie- Aizombie don’t need no coach
  5. FPS Chun Li- FPS don’t need no coach
  6. UhhLeeSuh- Coach: Box Arena
  7. Val aka iheartchunli

If we can get more than 8 that will be awesome!!!

Street Fighter IV Singles:

  1. unprotectedSEX
  2. ronshoo


I’m going to sponsor this officially.

I will also donate a prize pack of condoms.


what are they playing for? pride? I mean I can try to train some girls but not sure if the annoyance will be worth it lol.


well it says prizes for top 3
so there are prizes, so im not gonna back down from my word

just some girls that play out here were interested in having one so im throwing one

but yeah its nothing big but hey prizes for a free tourney


you are a good man.




Nice to know dinner is included.


Might have to go to this. I was just in SD for CC. I really just miss MarkMan.


only one entree is free.


I will be there. I will be Trained by… well… The Box Arena. Just go ahead and put that.


Yes homo.


SDTekken will be collaborating with T.T.F. to make this event. LoSF:SD more hype.
And I just got news that MarkMan is talking to MadCatz to try and get there support!!!

We might need a bigger venue…


Hey! Will you sign up UhhLeeSuh with The Box Arena as her coach as well. Thanks Cody man! And a Bigger Venue in the works?SSSWWEEEeeeet:lovin:


Hmm. This is sounding like a big event in the making. I’m definitely going now.


if so ill be adding you
one more from 8 and that will be a decent lil event!
8 more that would be balling

looking good guys and girls


Cicada is a dood. He doesn’t count unless he’s bringing his gf!


well remember
there will be a singles tourney on top of the losf tourney

make schedule soon


sigh me up for the “regular” tourny plox :smiley:


If I wear a wig, bra, and thong can I join the ladies tournament?