T.V. Question

Is there any way that you can change the size of the picture on your T.V. screen, zoom in and out on the overall picture I mean? And if it’s a feature your T.V. doesn’t have, is there any inexpensive product that will allow you to do it?

Depends what tv you have. I know there are a few sets that have an option to do it, usually on the remote control.

It sounds like you’re talking about adjusting the overscan on your TV. Depending on what kind of TV you have, you may or may not be able to do it. On some TVs, you only can adjust it through the service menu. On newer TVs, there is usually a dot-by-dot or 0% overscan mode.

If you’re talking about a CRT, it is almost always done in the service menu. You would need to look online for the service menu code to do so. Be careful though, if you change the wrong setting in the service menu, you can permanently screw up your TV. That being said, CRTs typically have very poor geometry around the edges, which is why they hide the edge of the picture.

Is there any way to have this ability with an older set, any product you can get? Or this kind of technology only available with newer T.V.s?