T0rr3nt Invit3$?

Does anyone have any invites to sites? I can trade…:cool:

I don’t think this is the appropriate spot to post this, but I may be mistaken.

And I don’t.

I’m sorry, you want to essentially PAY for torrents?


That’s not really how it works. It’s just a site where you can’t sign up without getting invited.

Whats the significance of being signed up on a torrent site when you can pretty much get almost anything you need off of free sites that don’t require you to sign up? Maybe 3 or 4 years ago when torrent was just starting to be big it would be useful, but honestly, theres like what? 1000+ free torrent sites? Look hard enough and you’ll find what you’re looking for. Waste of time to sign up and beg for codes.

Ignorant… You have no idea how useful closed torrent sites are.

  1. It’s much more safe than say piratebay
  2. You get an incentive to UL by awarding points etc. This is very important.
  3. Because of point 2, you get a lot more seeders=better in every way.

Not sure if you realize, but 99% of the whole torrent scene is illegal software. Attaching a name/email etc to your involvement is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. And you call Yousef ignorant? please.

edit: not to mention I think this topic is walking the line between being okay and being infraction worthy.

I like how you completely avoided his points, which are perfectly valid. Sure, calling Canto ignorant was unnecessary, but I suppose going by the strict definition of the word and not using it in a derogatory term, it wasn’t inaccurate. (Hopefully you understand what I mean. The definition of ignorant being simple the lack of knowledge on the topic.)

His points are all very good reasons to join up “invite only” trackers. It’s worth it, even if for no other reason than to just cut through all the BS fake torrents.

Oh, and, do you think that people sign up to those sites with their ISP-hosted emails or something? I hear there’s free email services floating around the internet nowadays. =P Besides, your email address isn’t going to make it any easier or harder for them to track you while you’re downloading torrents.

Also, yeah, links/trading is probably illegal on SRK. Not 100% sure, but I’m going to avoid giving out any info lol.

I think you’re looking for this topic:


haha, well there ya go. All of this could’ve been solved with a simple “WOW OMFG SEARCH U NUB '09ER”-type post. Who woulda thought?

Interesting concept!

And I’ll take newsgroups over invite torrents.

I understand perfectly. I was more coming to the defense of Canto. I’m sure his points are valid, but the fact is I does not matter to me because it is not worth the risk.

It doesn’t matter what I think people do, lol. I understand from personal ISP administration experience that, free email service or not, when the FBI or other law enforcement comes knocking at ANY of the providers’ doors, logs are provided. From those logs, IP addresses are gleaned, and from those IP addresses, ISPs are located and thus contacted. You guessed it, with the right legal type folks asking, more logs. Not a sure bet, but another lead.

Unless you check the email exclusively from somebody else’s computer or an internet cafe, you could be tracked down if the right people need to. Is it worth the risk? Even a provider that would consider trying to protect the rights of the user will just delay the process and require subpoena from the courts, and if that is denied, the provider will also be liable.

People can surely do what they wish, this is just my opinion. I won’t partake in such things because I know better. I’ve had to speak to the FBI about ISP email abuse cases (luckily I was the ISP admin, not the charged), and those are relatively minor compared to some of the charges one could be brought up on for piracy. My $0.02, YMMV of course.

Wow that was way longer than I wanted.

Bottom line: Canto - GOOD. Piracy - BAD.

I think you’re missing the point that I was getting at. If you’re downloading stuff on your home machine, you’re already caught. Working for an ISP, you should know this. Yeah, sure, you won’t just immediately give out info, but if they don’t heed warnings you will. Else, like you said, you’ll be liable.

I, too, work for an ISP (WiMax)/Telecomms provider, in the field (IT/IP/RF Engineer). We constantly have copyright infringement warnings come through to us, and we have to warn the people. If they don’t heed the warnings, we simply give out their information.

Anyway, the point was that, binding your email to a torrent tracker site isn’t going to put you any more at risk than not doing it. The fact of the matter is, you’re still downloading torrents, and you’re still being tracked whether or not you have a stats page to tell you your ratio. You connect to a tracker, and there’s a trace - with or without your email address.

The e-mail or details is irrelevant, because everyone else that’s using the torrent can see your IP anyways.
So using a private tracker with private torrents might mean less random people that will see your IP, I guess.
I’m sure their databases encrypt the user information, which is usually faked anyway.