T11 Discussion: Inputs needed


This is just a discussion thread to formulate ideas.
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Official Games:
SSFIV - Obvious Enough
Tekken 6:BR - You got to have this game in T11
Blaz Blue CS - This game should be out by then
Tatsunoko VS Capcom - Bring it
SCIV - maybe, if there’s room

Sorry but it’s time to let the old games die.
i.e. Not count them as Official Games anymore.
Last year, there was so many side games. We couldn’t spare equipment because of it.
It was also sucky that people who promised equipment bailed.
I’m sure side games will be possible but will be put aside until official games are done.

I’m looking at a few places right now. I’ve got a friend looking at a place in the Convention Centre but a date has to be formulated first. It seems that the best place would be TFNS since it’s central and clearly accessible to everyone easily. Unless somebody has another place that can fit up to 250 peeps. Send me a message if you know a place. Price reasonable as well.

You guys may think, TFNS is not big enough. I’ve talked to Vaughn and spaces can also be cleared to give more room. And no, not every game will be in the central room. There is the back area and upstairs as well. It’s seriously more than enough space once everything is cleared. He has a system that can run HD recordings and also Stream matches.

Need opinions on the following and remember, nothing I say here is final.
This is just to open a discussion to get the ball rolling. Summer is starting and i’m sure you guys know how fast that runs.

Possible dates?
-Jul 31-Aug 2 (I want this date, please vote this date)
-Any Sat and Sun in August (meh)
-Sept. 4-5 (hard for schoolers)

2 days is more than enough.

-Which leads me to the next question, Do Teams or Not?
–I personally feel that Teams should not run. Teams takes too much time and effort to finish. i.e. People who disappear. A 16 team bracket will take the whole weekend like what happened in T10 which caused a few salty people to voice their VALID opinions. I say just stick to singles. I’m good for compromise. If you guys do want to run teams, run it after singles.

-It was hard to keep track of people last year who didn’t pay the Entry Fee. You know who you are. So i’m gonna do the venue fee ala EVO style. If you want to participate in a tournament, you have to pay a participation fee of $10 (pending) that will go to the place we are using. Then you pay for the entry fee of the games you choose. This way, we don’t have to hunt you down or check if you have stamps or some shit like that. Free to attend, Fee to participate. I felt bad for people who just wanted to check the place. I’m sure almost 90% of the people who attends will participate anyway so not really a big loss.

-Any other things that needs to be discussed. Please voice them now.

I’ll need Bracket Organizers for the games:
SSFIV - RXS has put interest but he’ll need an assistant.
Tekken - will be me with another person
BB:CS - will either be Nazir or Pui or together. I’ll ask them.
TvC - Davero? Brett? Anyone who knows how to run a bracket.

Last thing, if you found something wrong with T10 last year, please mention it so that it doesn’t happen again. I’m sure some of you have a lot to say about the SFIV tournament so here’s your chance to help us improve it.



you did not mention marvel vs capcom 2 anywhere in your post, therefore this tournament is fail


No I did, MvC2 belongs in the “old games that should be let to rest” category.
Equipment is hard to come by on these events and i’d rather use them for games that came out in the last 2 years.

I’m sure some of you will miss playing 3S, MvC2, GG:XX and SFT in a T series event but I have to think realistically and concentrate on ACTIVE games and competitors.

I do feel your pain though so hopefully you understand.



pretty sure there are way more marvel players than soul calibur 4 players.


mvsc2 is a must for T-tournaments… 3s/cvs2 can die

i vote 1st weekend of sept!
-The weather won’t be as hot so ppl can smoke outside and the room won’t be 40+ degrees… a comfortable temperature is a MUST for top lvl SF play.
-i talked to the MTL crew during MAT about having T11 and everyone thought beginning of Sept would be the best time for them to make it.
-It’s also a longer time after Evo and other summer majors around the States so it can attract way more americans to come up.


I’d be willing to help with the brackets for BB or SSF4 if needed

because things aren’t decided it’s hard to vote
but if the venue is tfns
I’d vote 09/04 JS couldn’t be more right about comfort levels


I vote for the September weekend for the date of this event. I’m also willing to help out wherever I’m needed (most likely being registration again).


I also vote for September. Seeing as how that Monday the 6th is labour day, a long weekend is probably the best time to run such a big tourney.

As far as team events go, while I have never been to a T-series event before, would it be cool to run team events after the singles events? With so many games though, there may not be enough time…

Finally, I don’t mind helping out Vince in running SSFIV brackets. I’ll talk to him personally about it whenever I get the chance.


Scumbag: MvC2 I believe had 14-16 peeps last year. SCIV had 22.

JS Master: MvC2 can run but you need to get those 16 players.

Many votes for 1st weekend of Sept so far. That’s cool. It’s good to finalize the date now.
I’ll do the advertising of players when I go to EVO. I know i can get Buff and maybe a few close states to come.

RB_999: Teams ran forever at T10 which caused a long delay of singles. If singles finish and people want to play teams after, i’m sure it will be fine.



Russell; tournament discussion threads are meant to be kept in local threads. You’re opening up a very big problem for me considering I’ve made it clear over the last 2 years to every other Canadian group that tournament related threads are only opened AFTER details are finalized. It’s a stickied thread for the rules of the forum. You run your own forum. You know how important rules are to a smooth running forum.

This thread won’t be stickied.

I’ll be leaving this thread open for 7 days. I’m sure you can get the necessary input from people over the span of a week.

Best of luck on T11.


No decent food near the venue = no joy.




Labor Day weekend sounds good.

I think that MAT is a good example of why we need to accept that older games aren’t going to work very well any more. Space is limited, and with the popularity of 4 and the smoothness of recent tournaments thanks to people like RXS stepping up and running tight brackets, the bar has been raised with regards to the expectations for how smoothly and quickly these things should be run. I understand that these games have history, but we have to take the reality of the situation into consideration. There are a lot of new games out, and like them or not, we need to accept that this is where the players are.

I’d like to see MvC2 or 3rd Strike run if at all possible with leftover time/setups, but we need to give priority to 4, Tekken, and BlazBlue if CS is out. TvC if there’s time would be awesome since the Canadian scene is really starting to grow and shape the game, but the big 3 (provided Continuum Shift is out) have to be SSF4, T6, and BB:CS. It’s the only lineup that really makes sense, and trying to run 6 or 7 games with our usual resources and amount of players is just unreasonable.


TVC a main? Ive never seen that game pull past 8 ppl. And putting SCIV in is kinda odd too. I dont see any local tourny or support for that either. At least 3s/GGAC pulls in ppl from other provinces/states.
Just cuz a game is old does not mean it can’t outdo these “new” games
Marvel is iffy cuz theres a huge amt of players but theyre too lazy to do anything.

Not doing teams is silly. It brings too much hype. Limiting teams to a few games makes sense.


Nagata: Actually I sticky important discussion in my Forums. Since this is considered an important discussion, i figured I ask the mods. Anyways, that’s cool If you can’t. That’s fine. Also, why would you give my thread an expiry date if i’m asking for inputs on one of the biggest events in Toronto? Wouldn’t it be better to just let it live naturally like all the old threads below mine? Thanks, we’ll do our best.

I think i’m straying far away from the discussion so i want to get back to it.

YellowS4: Portuguese and Bar on the side is good. If you’ve got a car, a few blocks to the east is a small mall. MC’ds and what not.

Noodleman: SCIV is only 2 years old. The others are just ancient.

DarkDragon: Your right but I really just want the concentration on the newer games. I’ll take out SCIV but I know that can get up to 20 people. Your right about MvC2 peeps being lazy. I’m guilty of this. Too many say yes but come tourny time, they say no. I really do want to stick with SSFIV, Tekken, BB:CS and TvC. The others should be just considered “Sides”.

This is great guys, keep em coming.



Important is a completely relative term. I’m sure everyone outside of the GTASF/MTLSF that post discussion threads about tournies think their events are very important as well. It doesn’t change the fact that rules were setup to keep clutter out when details could have and should have been discussed ahead of time. Their threads are basically deleted or merged as per the rules I set up over a year ago (sticked in CAPS). Same thing happened with MAT discussion thread (BOTH of them). The OP has the best of intentions but after a while they’re just taking up space.

You can already see this one devolving into “excuse me Mr. Tekken but why can’t I have the old 2D game I’m good at while your old 3D game gets to be played?”


Taking out teams is stupid.

TFNS isnt really central from anyone outside toronto.

lol at the 7 day deadline

Will this be a Friday-Sat or a Sat-Sun event?


I probably won’t even be here for T11 when it happens.

However, killing a game just because it’s ‘old’, is BULLSHIT.

The 16 player minimum rule should decide what gets played and what doesn’t.

With proper planning and equipment management, games like 3S and w/e else can and should be played.

Team tournaments should be limited to the major games only, and should preferably NOT BE RUN AT THE SAME TIME.

Now having said all this, even if I am around to attend T11, I will not be running ST or HDR.


For the people complaining about teams, you need to get a little perspective on the logistics of it. More specifically, you need to wrap your brain around what happenes when you have 4 or 5 games, at 4 or 6 people per game, who aren’t on the same team. It causes HUGE hold ups becuase you have 1 guy who could play Super IV while one of his teammates is playing in the 3S Team Tourney and another one is about to start his match in the Super Turbo Team Tournament (I was that guy last year btw, that’s not a random example). Team Tournaments, for all of their hype are a directing NIGHTMARE. If people want teams, let them have Super IV teams and that’s it. Every additional Team Tournament is detracting from the primary game that’s the actual draw.

Old games; they don’t draw. If they were a draw, they’d have monthlies. If people really want old games, let them pay the same amount as the main games for them. If it can draw without a discount, then hey… the players were right. If it can’t stand on its own at the rate the newer game can then Russell was right and life goes on.


Daflip: Sat and Sun would make more sense so we can utilize 2 full days. Friday is constrained to 6 hours which is not ideal. We would end up waiting for people to get off work and such. It wouldn’t be fair for people who cannot come at a designated time.

JED: TFNS is close to a subway so that’s a plus. The last venue, although good was in the middle of nowhere. The other benefit of TFNS is that most of the equipment is already there. Side games will run i’m sure. We can include the old games there assuming they meet the 16 man bracket.

Nagata: I agree with your rant about Team Tournamentss. It get massive and causes headaches. If they want to run it after Singles, i’m up for it. It will certainly not overshadow Singles this time around.

SFIV Teams (strictly) was the reason and cause of many many complaints last year and I’m sure everybody wants a smooth tournament. I believe in the Bracket Organizers process but even they get overwhelmed with being a scavenger of players. Again this is my opinion. I say run singles and if there’s time, run teams.