T11: Props Thread


Tournaments are over, today (5th) is only casuals with Free Venue courtesy of TFNS.
Just wanted to create this thread for people to post their shoutouts.

I will certainly create my long detailed one later.
Post Props here.

3rd Place Jug had this to say:


Great tournament.

I can’t believe we finished singles tournament of what, 118 people in like 6-7 hours? bracket monstars yo.

Great turnout, one of the biggest tournaments I’ve been to. i mean t9 was awesome when I first started getting into the fighting game scene, T10 was pretty fun but T11 was like blew shit out of proportions. Big thanks to all the organizers, directors and volunteers who helped put together and ran this tournament, to all the players who came to visit, watch or play, RXS for the stream and of course the stream monsters who spent their weekend watching T11 & Congrats to Sabin for winning a T tournament for the second time.

The main street fighter warehouse:
the venue was smaller then last years but hell, the place wasn’t too shabby since it was my first time being there. One of the biggest hype matches was BigGreek’s money match and the semi/finals of the tournament. Great to see new and old faces. Emily I still want those legendary brownies/cookies I keep hearing about :c

The storage room blazblue:
Alot of new faces. I don’t know anyone there I know from CT or from last year but I did connect with the community I guess and had a blast learning continuum shift and I might buy the game. Still consider and thanks to the girl who taught me the changes to Jin! Why don’t I know your name yet? or rather anyone’s name. Shit.

The tekken kitchen:
probably the area I’m most familiar but spend less time with. It was great meeting Mahir, Mr T, Gaurav, Russel, lawrence, mark and a few faces I know from Tekken and I haven’t played since last year but I was surprise my Jin could actually hold up against most people except for Jin11’s Bob. Fuck yo bob. And that ling player was cute. thanks to her, she was fun to play with (no pun intended) and I learned a good amount of Jin vs Ling matchups.

She doesn’t post on SRK and mainly posts on dustloop so I’ll just inform you and say her name is Martine (goes by Poiyo on dustloop). I was in the BB room the majority of the time helping out with things, and I wish I got in more casuals myself to meet new people, but if you end up learnig the game and want to connect with the community more, come to Gety if you ever have the chance. :slight_smile:

I’ll post more shoutouts on the dustloop thread since I’m not too in tune with the SF community, but I just want to give mad props to Russell and Dice for getting T11 up and running.

GGs to all. Facing 2 Rufus’s in losers in a row for the lose. See you at T12! :karate:

When do people usually come to play BB @gety?

every friday theres a bunch of us lol.

Although school/uni has now started there might be less, but there’ll still be a bunch of us I bet.

Same with me, dropping by to give mad props to Russell and Dice for putting this together. One of the most organized T tourneys I’ve been to. Very nice guys :rock:

props to russell and dice for making things happen:rock:

Props to Dice/Vaughn and Russel for setting up this T tournament. This was my second one and it really felt like I was at a major. Props also to the Bracket organizers, with the exception of the scumjob you guys did an amazing job.
Great call for doing singles in one day, there was so much hype because of it.

This weekend was incredible.

Shoutouts to the guys who ran SSF4: Anant, Emily, Gerjay, Greek, Rob, (edit: and Davero) and everyone who helped out to keep it running. The tournament was run very well, imo. Tournament matches were being played at a fast pace – the organizers were 100% on top of that – and the waiting time was just unavoidable due to the number of people. Thanks guys for all the long hours you put into this.

Shoutouts to Russel, Dice, Vaughan, and the rest of the TFNS staff for organizing the tournament overall and for providing the venue. Space-wise it got a little tight while SSF4 was running, but I found there was generally room to move wherever I needed to go. I felt that it was a good place to run T11. It had the fundamentals and some nice advantages: enough space, enough stations, a clean bathroom (just needed soap :P), very good temperature (shoutouts to the weather for helping us out here), food allowed in the venue, no overpriced drinks (T10…), a very high ceiling that helped reduce noise, and so on. And for just $5 per day. Personally, unless we need more space, I would enjoy having T12 at TFNS again next year. It was far better than the venues for T9 and T10.

Shoutouts to all the guys who came out. I can finally put faces to a lot of names on SRK, and it was great to meet and play you all. Nguman, z712, Tatenda, Tyler, L-LEET, Rad, Anant, and Trite: thanks for the casuals we played.

Shoutouts to the guys who travelled for this – everyone from the US, Montreal, and Windsor (dems). Heck, we even had *Newfoundland *come out.

Congrats to the top 3: Arturo/Rebelo/Jugs. Arturo, I’ll see you and NerdJosh in AH3. Rebelo, you’re a beast. Jugs, your low tier characters were great to watch.

Shoutouts to Leo7 for the sake of having irrelevant shoutouts. Also, gj in BlazBlue.

Shoutouts to KillaCam for organizing many of the hotel rooms, for bringing the equipment (sponsored by Bison) for the salty suite, and for repping Waterloo in SF4 far beyond any past tournaments. And for the ride home, for which I now realize I never gave you gas money. :stuck_out_tongue:

Tired, so massive shoutouts to team bracket monsters.

Gerjay,Robbie, Emily, Big Greek, Davero, and me (yes, self shoutouts).

Best moment during the team tournament was when the Registration computers video card died, and while we were trying to fix it, the bracket computer decides to blue screen of death.

wait what!?! my lappy blue screened on you?!!?!?

Time to throw it out the window!

Shouts to Russell for putting this together (and to note on a short time frame for a major!).

Shouts to all the tournament directors, judges and assitants - Gerjay, rb999, Emily, DesiCanadian, Big_Greek, Davero

Shouts to Dice01 and TFNS Vaughn for making TFNS happen as a venue not just for T11 but for all the SF community as well.

Shouts to all the Tekken/Blazblue crew that I didnt’ get to meet.

Special mention to Croyd for looking after me and bringing me a snack/water. Nguboy for making a food run for me.

Cookies and Brownies are GDLK Emily. You’re the best!

Big shout outs to the stream monsters!

Shouts to Sabin, NerdJosh, Toi Yet, Akazukin Cha Cha, Jugs and the rest of the American peeps for making the jump across the border to support.

yea, you guys powered through that bracket like mad!

cookies and brownies were gdlk.

i thought the best moment was when you guys thought you lost the ssf4 singles monies.

emily is the best

@Leo7 - getty still exists?

  • props to Lock and whoever keep the UStream poppin’. :smiley:

Man I am very impressed with how this tournament went. A bracket with over 120 people on 8 stations that was burned through within 7 hours is nothing short of impressive. Thanks to all the organizers and volunteers that helped make it what it was.

Just heads up guys! Friday September 10, we will be closed.
After T11 we all need a little break.

Thanks again to all that came out, a few shouts outs and thanks From TFNS.

Thanks to all the bracket monsters of T11, Larry for the custom shirts, Greek for a hype money match, Emily for making my door duties a bit of a dream, The Blaze Blue people good seeing you all, Wetworker AKA Freeworker for the drinks, Art for coming out and Dice01.

Sorry to all if I came off a bit salty it?s been a long weekend overall (sorry again for nagging the people about standing on the green screen).

Now that I?ve experienced a ?T? tournament we know for the future and what to expect?.so look out for T12.

Next year you might get to finally see my “GUILE”.

TFNS is always open to the fighting community as a whole contact us if you?re in need of anything where always up to help.

Just a reminder!. We will be closed Friday September 10 and back open on the September 17.

And one last thing. Be on the look out our “END OF THE YEAR JAM SLAM” (Prizes, Pot Bonuses Guest etc).

Props to Russell & all the other organizer and peeps that ran the tournies. You guys did a fantastic job.

I couldn’t believe T11 could live up to the hype. That’s perhaps the biggest surprise. The secret, I believe, is a stunning, mature, intelligent script. That makes it the best SF tournament ever made. As if that wasn’t enough, Arturo Sanchez. He, the newest of the tragic modern icons present us with a preview of something we’ll never see. A fearless, extraordinary player capable to fill up with humanity even the most grotesque of villains. His performance is a master class. Fortunately, JS’s Balrog is almost a supporting character. JS is good but there is something around his mouth that stops him from being great. T11 is visually stunning, powerful and moving. What else could anyone want.

Preview of your upcoming novel?

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