T12: Fighting Game Championships: Pending Date (SSFIV:AE+$500, MvC3+$500)

will there be team tournaments?

If possible, put this on a different weekend than Otakuthon (August 12-14), some of montreal’s BB guys, including me, will likely want to attend both.

I will not be able to help out running anything at this event this time around. I will however contribute an Xbox, a PS3, and a copy of Xbox MVC3. I suggest starting up a google spreadsheet to keep track of donations this time around.

im in

Well im outa the country at the start of Aug so i hope this is the 2nd last week of Aug or labor day weekend.Besides the rumor is 3s is coming out the last week of Aug so thats another side tourney, I haven’t been to a T tourney since T5 or 6 and the are always the hypest.

Looks like I will return to Toronto this summer

Well this definitely sounds fun. =3

Ive been to every T tourney ever, all 10 of them, now thats gadlike

Unfortunately, there will not be any Team Tournaments in T12. The schedule will not be able to fit it that’s why. This is only a 2 day event.

Dadesi: it’s alright, I have help this time around for equipment. If I do need equipment, I will send you a message.


Date has been finalized for T12.

Aug 27th-28th weekend will be date.

Spooky will not be able to stream this tournament. He appears to have said yes to GVN Summer Jam first.
We have TTT RXS to stream our event. He’s always done a great job and this event will be no exception.

Save the date boys, we got more news coming in the next few weeks.


Boo, I had plans to go to Summer Jam.

Sorry Brett, this was the best time we could get for tournament and venue. No notable names have said yes to GVN so your not missing much. Of course that could change in the coming months but we got plans to do that on our end as well.


I knew this would happen … good luck with the event and hope summerjam does not take too much space for you guys.
I know some MTL people were starting to plan philly trip including myself… this really sucks …

Can’t T12 be first week of sept instead?

CrankyPunk: It’s all good. Things like this happen and unfortunately, that is the only date available for us.

Eric: Sorry but that’s the only date available in our schedule.


Side 3S tourny?

This has actually been discussed. 3S online does come out on last week of August and I know it will rejuvenate some players 3S drive. We will probably end up including it in the Tournament. Got to beat down Samir and his godly 3S skills.


You ask too much of people!

Woooooow this is a real heartbreaker. Sorry guys Ill be at Summer Jam they gave their dates before you and if I remember correctly u pretty much did the same at LAN ETS to us.

I have made a very crucial decision and I’ve chosen to go to Summer Jam instead. I have purchased my Megabus ticket in March for the low price of $2 and opportunities like this don’t come everyday. Good luck to everyone participating at T12.