T13: Exhibition Matches


The old thread got deleted (for good reasons). Let’s not sully this one Keyboard Warriors.

–Official Exhibition Matches–
[]Dieminion vs Chi-Rithy (AE) - Sonic Boom vs Cannon Strike? Destined Battle
]NickCam vs Bee (UMvC3) - Canada East vs Canada West. Who’s the best Coast?
[]Quandizzle vs Noel Brown (UMvC3) - The CEO Runback
]Joker vs RayRay (UMvC3) - Who Has The Best Magnus?
5v5 is On hold till further notice.

The players who are scheduled to be in the exhibition matches, practice up. Lots of viewers to see you win. I’ll see about providing prizes for the exhibition winners (no promises) so that they don’t win empty handed.



Seeing how a 5v5 umvc3 is happening, would there be a way to incorporate one for AE as well? Considering 3 of the 5 for team USA (and any other USA AE players showing up) also play AE, of course if time permitting it.

As well any AE players coming from the wc, I offer an open mm with an amount determined later on. Not looking to hate on anyone, just wanting to see a bit of the talent pool from the other side of the coast. I would play for free but apparently it doesn’t work like that anymore.


I’m going to take the sidelines and not participate for the 5v5. Good luck to those competing!


Sorry Saco. Not enough AE players to do 5v5. Only players available is Dieminion and Jwong. Krone is undecided as of yet. Won’t have time either regardless.



is this thread needed, p sure you can just update the t13 thread


My thread coincided with the creation of Teddy’s thread. There was literally minutes apart between the both of them. Regardless of which thread stays, i wanted to convey what I need to say.