T13: Foney Match Callouts


Hey Peeps,

Sorry but I’ll have to move discussion of Foney Matches on this thread. I just want to keep T13 thread as clean as possible so that for players just looking for information does not have to go through the many pages that MM post does.

Keep in mind that TTT is setting up Exhibition Matches for T13. Any foney matches unless specified/considered high calibre will not be streamed. We can’t stream them all and stray too far away from the actual tournament/exhibition matches. Bring your SaltyCam peeps to not miss out on salty memories.

Thanks for understanding.

—On With The Show—


T13 MM Thread - The Runback
UMVC3 OTT I am here in the shadows
UMVC3 OTT I am here in the shadows

and so it begins…


Is Jing being serious this time? How much did Jing personally have on the Quandizzle match again after all the shit talk?

I’m pretty hyped about this and I think personally it will be close between bee and two of the players listed thus far. But we don’t need hyperbole and empty promises in this thread.

If Jing’s actually serious this time I’ll start by putting down $200 on bee vs rdk (assuming it’s at least a first to 10 set). I’ll be giving him cash to hold.

And in case anyone misinterprets my post:
I think these events are great and no matter who wins it will be good matches all around. I’m especially hyped about the Joker vs Bee match as I think that’s going to be the most fast paced and exciting match. But from the Alberta Beatdown thread it was kind of ridiculous to watch jing and those other sauga randoms talk mad shit about how bee was completely free and then pool together all of…$570 between 4 people? And snap a picture and post it like it was Real Money? lol.

As I recall Lapchi even ended up needing to step in to help work things out…that’s just ridiculous after how free Bee was supposed to be.

If you have confidence in your guy that’s normal but put your money where your mouth is. Instead of saying ridiculous hyperbole like “we will match any amount” and calling our guy free, and then look ridiculous taking pictures of a few $20 dollar bills, throw out an actual number. Just saying…


id like some more killa cam money myself haha


SRK does not condone illegal gambling. You’re free to have as many foney matches as you want though.


I will also put down $200 on Bee vs Chachaman. Please confirm here if this is accepted.


subbing this thread for sure. love those two man tournaments.


can i play chacha for $200?


Jing: ft7 for 50? There’s no salt on this (sorry folks); I just think it could be a really good match.


ill take that …me and jing?


I think he’s challenging jing.


lol but i wana MM all the scrubs that talked shit b4 abd3


Hey at least i actually put up the money unlike a lot of the people who ran their mouths and then hid.

That being said ill have 300 set aside towards backing people in MM depending on what matches take place.


if there is a god, you will come to ufgt or the next chicago tournament


East vs West 5v5 for $200? Bet it.


As Dadesi states, pls keep in mind that TTT only puts Exhibition Matches. We do not provide moneys for the winner. It is really just for Exhibition, what people in the background do with those matches is not associated with us. So it’s great that you guys are playing with MONOPOLY Money.

I for one read all those numbers being thrown around as Monopoly money and nothing else. Hype up your matches peeps.



Ugh this foney exhibition monopoly fake bs is so tilting, SRK is stupid as shit now.

If WC wants to gamble, all I can say is come talk at the venue. Oh and bring money.


ill bring the monopoly money… seriously. LOL cant wait to watch this. aaaaaand fuck it

quan ft5 for $30?


ill ft7 anyone, any amount, in How Many Fingers Am I Holding Up

…i get to guess first though


how many fingers am i holding up?