T3: The Bullistic Beatdown Results


T3: The Bullistic Beatdown 7-09-2011, Indianapolis Indiana

well… first off… we started the T3 tournaments as very small local level-up tournaments for the IN players… they’ve never been more than 30 people deep… this past Saturday we had a total of 52 competitors in 4 separate events … that is a huuuuuuuge spike for our 5th iteration … i never expected a turnout like that, but due to event crossover from the apparently convenient date we had some ridiculous numbers and fierce competition … without further ado here are the results;

1st place - AlucardNY - New York - teams of Dante, Wesker, IronMan, SpiderMan, and SuperSkrull
2nd Place - Riot(55) - Ft.Wayne - Wesker/Taskmaster/Pheonix + Wesker/Task/Akuma
3rd Place - Munin - Purdue - Task/Doom/Dorammamu
(tied) 4th Place - Brent the Immortal - Ft.Wayne - Trish/Ammy/Pheonix
(tied) 4th Place - RyanC - Indy

1st Place - RiotGuard - Indy - Blanka
2nd Place - DietStu - Indy - E.Honda
3rd Place - AaronS - Michigan - Yun… uhg
(tied) 4th Place - FJ - Ft.Wayne -Yun/Ryu
(tied) 4th Place - Tukk - Purdue - Seth

Mortal Kombat
1st Place - Big Thirst aka Johnny Cage - Johnny Cage
2nd Place - Semi Evil Ryu aka Rumler
3rd Place - Lee - ???
4th Place - ‘Chips Ahoy’ Chauncy Talon - Michigan

SF3: Third Strike
1st Place - Sessh
2nd Place - GhettoDave
3rd Place - Riotgaurd

I’ll need some help filling in the blanks … i was spread pretty thin all day long … in reality we probably gone without this results thread… but with such a good turnout i wanted this recorded so we could compile all the shoutouts, vids, pics, and everything in between here and so we could get noticed for good reason…

W. Lafayette, IN Gatherings Every Tues.. RANBATS Every other Tues. First Ranbat 1/25
Fort Wayne, IN - someone please post something for crying out loud
Indianapolis, IN: We do play games, I promise

my shoutouts;

everybody from Indy that helped out - Mario, Marcus, Indy, ZAP, Pat, Rob, Mike, Dave, Kyle, Scott, and anyone i’m too tired to remember … i’ve said it a million times, i could never do this stuff without the help and support i get from the Indy player base

Chips Ahoy - thank for showing up randomly and keeping us hype… you were right man… this shit got fat, it was never meant to get so thick

AlucardNY - it was a pleasure to meet you in person man and good job wrecking on us Midwesters, i know everyone is tired of hearing how i met this dude but here’s the story again for anyone i didn’t tell… about 2 years ago ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gC6l-JEj2sY ) i got matched up against AlucardNY on XBL ranked in SUPER, thinking he was EMP Alucard, but he told me he wasn’t, we played online for quite some time until i lost my xbox so i hadn’t played him or talked to him for atleast a year … he randomly shows up at the arcade this weekend and hears about my tourney, he explained to me who he was and i was so tripped out… he went on to smash all of IN in marv3l saturday night… Goodshit dude, you’re a cool cat in my book

Brent the Immortal - good job in MvC3, and thanks for hanging out at S&S while it was packed with Kappas

Riot - good shit in MvC3 aswell… i had no idea you were that tight, keep it up

RyanC - Likewise man, you said you’d been practicing and it showed through

and as always a big thank you to our local arcade Tilt Studios, the owner Vic, the Event Manager Mike V., the sound expert Maximum , and my favorite workers Rob, Steph, and Drew … Tilt is a big part of the FGC history in Indy and they let us do these tournaments for free so they’re definitely a cornerstone to the production of any tournament we hold there … if anyone wants to add their facebook page, they post up all they’re tournaments and events on their event page and use it to keep up with the gaming scene - http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/profile.php?id=100001220550612


Mario: I’m so excited that you were able to take AE!! That blanka play was top notch. I really enjoyed being able to catch up and let me know if you wanted more information on that teaching position.

Indy: Thanks again for bringing the ST setup. I’m sorry that we didn’t get to it but it was nice being able to catch up. Where did you finish in the 3rd Strike tournament?

Andy: I enjoyed our discussions. If I ever get the time, I’ll try to make it to more local events.

Aaron(sp?): That Yun was top notch. I really enjoyed talking with you during the tournament and the jokes you cracked were too funny. Do you play on XBOX live?

Barzaad: Thanks for throwing such a fun tournament. I was very impressed that you were able to run so many tournaments in such a short amount of time. Good luck at EVO!


Very fun tourney, and very nerve wracking too lol. Good games to everyone. I’m from Fort Wayne not Indy btw. Gotta go and practice now so I stop dropping all the easy stuff.


Greg, I got 3rd in 3s.

Thanks Tim and good seeing you. I appreciate the info on those job openings.


GGs ppl… AaronS used Yun… I used Seth…


awesome tourney and awesome host! Indy is sooo chill … definitely had a great time … hopefully i’ll catch u guys at an EC major !!! … BTW do u know what ever happened to the vids from the tourney i really want to see some matches and hear that funny dude do commentary … indiana yipes over there …(even tho he hates when people say that LOL)


They are still working on uploading them I believe, but when they do show up I think they will be uploaded here: http://www.youtube.com/user/ZAPSRK#g/u. It was a very fun tournament indeed, thanks for all the hard work you put into it Barzaad.

Edit - Looks like the vids are already up on that page actually! Thanks Z.A.P.