T4 Ggxx, Mvc2 Team And Singles Results

GGXX tournament results

1st Dickson “J.MA” Yiu - Testament
2nd Jason mah - faust, dizzy
3rd Lun - faust
4th Jay “YellowS4” Nugoy - potemkin
5th jon H. - faust
5th Alex “Rock2k2 or is it 1?” Rohvarger - dizzy, johnny
7th Jon “jonstar” Chen - milia
7th Nazir “X-Sapphire” Naori - chipp, I-NO
9th Derek “data88” chan - faust
9th Stephen “DarkDragon” Munro - Baiken
9th Gary - milia
9th mike “MikeC” Chung - faust?
13th Ryan “KOFN” Chong - May
13th Adrian “Techrock” Chan - eddie

-why didn’t any americans join this??

MVC2 Team

1st Team Random ver. 2.0
Josh “LazyJ” wong,
Damian “FecalPennance” Eklund,
Roger “Six-Armed???” Myung

2nd Team JSP (jon, stephen, philly guy)
Jon “Jonstar” Chen
Stephen “DarkDragon” Munro
Ron “Mitsuflip” Maloles (sp)

3rd Team Karan Is Ugly
Eric “JS Master” Liu
Steven “ROC” Dunn
Ken “Omni Dragon” Lee

4th Team Glasses
Jason “Gerjay” Marshall
Teddy “Daflipmasta” Bauza
Matt “Ex-Matt” Machula

5th Team Gamefaqs
Ming “Mingolia” Chow
Derek " Data88" Chan
Adrian “Techrock” Chan

5th Team Discovery Channel
Sam “Binarystar” Lou
Dave/CB “cocoSavage”

7th Team Jiggabry
Bryan “Jiggabry” Simand
Jordan Lozinshi
Pete P

-josh only lost twice in this tourny… his fucking partners didn’t even get to play much
-jon tore thought team radnom once with msp:bluu:
-me and js almost beat Josh!!! God gave Doom a roman candle but i somehow forgot…
-lots of interesting matches…

MVC2 SINGLES (you happy now Josh??)

1st Josh “LazyJ” wong
2nd Damian "FecalPennance"
3rd Ken “Omni Dragon” Lee
4th Jon “Jonstar” Chen
5th Ron “Mitsuflip” Maloles (sp)
5th Dave/CB "cocoSavage"
7th Stephen “DarkDragon” Munro
7th Teddy “Daflipmasta” Bauza
9th Loc Nguyen
9th Jason “Gerjay” Marshall
9th Eric “JS Master” Liu
9th Alex “xMooMoox” Ngai
13th Roger “Six-Armed???” Myung
13th Matt “Ex-Matt” Machula
13th Adrian “Techrock” Chan
13th mike “MikeC” Chung
18th Marvin “C-royd” Li
18th Sam “Binarystar” Lou
18th Jeff Tisbe

-josh swept the winners bracket, then wins the finals with blasted guile…

ps. i need a Damian Doom

Jason Mah started using faust out of nowhere. I seen him at orbit b4 and he never used faust…random shit. Played damn good with a new char too. Dickson still owning that shit up…too good.

wtf he won with guile…:confused: :lol: :wtf:

damian doom is my hero

GGXX and MvC2 results are on APEX now.

That jew shoulda joined marvel, almost perfected me in casual…:bluu:

damien doom and jon and ken’s magneto own me for free

T4 Log for team: “Karan Singalingapingalingham is Ugly”

1st Round: Team Jiggabry

Clean Sweep by me.

2nd Round: Team Discovery Channel

I take out 2 people, Omni sandbags, JS takes out cocoSavage.

3rd Round: Team Glasses

Lose to Gerjay, Omni sandbags, JS sweeps team.

4th Round: Team JSP

Omni takes out DD and Philly then loses to Jonstar, JS also loses to Jonstar(T3 was along time ago eh). I beat Jonstar with guile(other characters i used dont matter) to let us play another set.

4th Round 2nd set: Team JSP

I dont remember what happend here but im sure there was sandbagging envolved.(we lost)

I think thats everything.

Fecal Pennance’s Doom is the future.

compliments can’t get me a win against corny jersey guile… but thnx canada is full of coolness… I saw too many scarey random magneto’s in casual but come tourney time everyone got shot…

c-royd and roc didn’t sell out to top tier so they get kudos…

teams I can barely remember:

josh - sent/cable/guile, msp, ironman/cable/cammy
damian - storm/cable/doom, msd, mag/sent/cyke
omni dragon - msp, mag/cable/psy
jonstar - msp, storm/sent/cyke, santhrax
ron - storm/cable/capcom, storm/sent/cable
darkdragon - doom/storm/sent

I think philly avoided GGXX because our setup is true to capcom style instead of “arcade standard”…

edit: hahahaha roger went 2 and out to a jill player because he wasn’t smoking familiar herbs…

:lol: Wong Gotti holds it down again with the jersey guile, too good:lol:

Yeah, Dr. Damian’s doom is the reason why team jesus was ever created, that doom is a true scientest.

Just to clear this up, I played Dizzy, not Faust in GGXX.

But its not like it matters, it was an extremely pathetic dizzy.

Just FYI.

People, people:

It’s Jason Ma. There’s no H.
He spells it the inferior way.

Yo…were u the dude on sunday who was watching my dizzy?? And I beat u with johnny and u were all like “rape, man, rape”. You gotta play more man…and get some more practise, b4 u at Orbit again. So then I can rape u again :wink:

I don’t really play that game much despite the fact I think its fun
because the assholes at my arcade (at the University) charge a full dollar to play the game (despite the fact that orbit charges 50 cents and the arcade is owned by the same guy :mad: ). I also don’t have any consoles so any practice I get has to be at the arcade.

After exams end I’ll probably see if I can go to orbit again before fall term starts and get in some games (and get raped again :))

first things first…I always obey my thirst (for the chronic).

I was just too tired to play singles tourney after 2 days of kicking the machine, shaking the shit out of it, screaming at the screen for hours and crying like a girl…sigh, why didn’t you guys at least have the gundam sticks? I swear they had circular motion…
I’m not really into playing agetec…team granite gave up agetec a LONG time ago…we’ve evolved to MAS and so should Orbitz.

Everyone from canda were mad chill…Im not really all that social when I am blazed…and I was probably blazed the whole time I was at the arcade. Fuck damian and his ‘won’t smoke during tourney’ claus…

Props to Darkdragon for being chill, Jonstar for being nice, Aneurysm for the hook ups, Will and Marv and everyone else at the…uh…i forget where we went. Too bad Metro didn’t have a marvel machine.

p.s. wasn’t the T4 turnout pretty good? Lets PLEASE have better sticks, so I won’t have to avoid playing CvS2 (no dragon punches EVER!!).

p.p.s. yeah no one entered GGXX from philly because we have a totally different button layout…Som’s Testament is TOO powerful!!

I was blazed the whoooooolllleeeee fucking time, that shit was mad fun. GG y’all, that shit was mad fun.
next time have a xvsf tourny so i can win money

Whatever he had must be top quality stuff. He is still suffering from the effects…

man. . .Magneto players should not be allowed to blaze before they play!! Its just too god damn random. . .

My ‘lazy’ informant tells me that some TO marvel players are talking smack on IRC…hmmmmmmmm.

How about you guys save the garbage talk til we’ve played on some real sticks, and i’ll make like bryheem and take all your lunch money’s…AND your mom’s under garments…

p.s. I know this doesn’t reply to Darkdragon and Jonstar, unless they wanna give me their money too :smiley:

Finally, SUCK MY COCK!!

ummm I never saw anyone talking shit about you.
But then again im not always watching who says what. But I doubt anyone would talk shit about marvel (of all games)

First of all, Im not even gonna comment on CvS2…I would NEVER EVER play CvS2 on those sticks EVER again…not only can you NOT get a dragon punch (don’t say toronto players get it all the time cuz you guys fukking play with those gay sticks all the time), you guys play on a slower speed…Josh and Som would straight up rape the shit out of people in CvS2 on real sticks and speed settings.

Second, I don’t think people are talking smack, i KNOW they are…lazy wouldn’t lie to me…and Im sure there are alot more shadier conversations going down on IRC that you don’t know about…

Lastly, its too bad U.P’s been out of tourney scene for awhile…
I wouldn’t mind having some toronto players come to philly and chill, and I wouldn’t mind having some toronto players come to philly and get owned and eat every fukking word they ever said…
you fools know who Im talking about…am I as good as josh or damian? I ‘used’ to be (shut up its inside joke only josh would find funny), but I know for damn sure I won’t lose to fukking random toronto scrubs…and no offense to Omni and Darkdragon, but other than Jonstar, everyone else is a marvel scrub in T.O. Yeah look who’s talking shit now…

Uhm…I’m not the one talking shit to anyone on IRC (Hell I dont even use IRC). But still, you cannot judge how TO plays on American sticks by the way they play on Japanese sticks. That would be like saying you flat out suck because you flat out sucked on japanese sticks. Unfair no? Not everyone plays on japanese sticks, there are arcades (few) with MvC2 on american sticks. So before you say everyone in TO plays on those “shitty” sticks, they dont. I dont play on those sticks often, I play better on American sticks. Like you do. But don’t think you can beat TO just because of what they showed on jap sticks…maybe you can and maybe you can’t…

If it mattered, I was the one who beat you first round. If you ever come back to TO i’ll play you on American sticks if you want, if not it’s ok. But dont call me a random TO scrub because I’m not even from TO, and I (like you) did not show my best at T4