T4 Ggxx, Mvc2 Team And Singles Results

The speed was set on default (speed 3). Which is what evo is using. So the speed setting is the “real” speed. It was posted in advance the speed setting and that we were using Japanese sticks. Yeah Josh and Som are really good, and would have played better on U.S. sticks.

I understand you are upset, but you should realize that you are insulting a whole community of players here. Why not post the IRC log so that way you can deal with just the people you feel talked shit about you?

actually no not really, i wanted to sandbag in the team tourney and then beat him once again in T4 mvsc2 singles just like how i did in T3 nationals.
and PLUS, my roundhouse didn’t work remember? but i was generous and let jonstar have the win ne wayz, since i knew guile was gonna own him up! :smiley:

see, i knew someone from the states would complain like 6 arm did, but no one listens to me! :bluu:
-speed slow
-can’t do uppercuts
isn’t that what i said before T4?

however, i dun’t think all mvsc2 player in T.O are scrubs, cuz both me and ROC have beaten jonstar before in tournaments. :slight_smile:

hopefully orbit will get american cabs in the future for tournies.

ps. dun’t flame me! whoever held their flames will recieve a gift from HK. i only wanted to say what’s in my mind.

stop thinking so fast.

so fast, that jason beat you in the winners and losers cvs2. and nice sandbagging, using the same team in both singles and team.

and uh, guile would not work, because i ADAPTED and swept your team.

You had to adapt to guile?:wtf:

yes, im a scrub
guile is the future =]

That he is my friend, i’m actually interested in the guile player lol, no diss intended.

Guile is the man, doom is the future.

I kept myself pretty under control in T.O. I shook everyone’s hand, and it should have been clear I was mad at myself and the stick situation…

Anyways, there should be a big tourney in philly coming up soon…Im not sure when, but we’re due for one. Please come down and show me what you got…anyone? everyone? don’t give a fukk. I got some canadian dollars left over…come try to take it from me.

p.s. I like toronto, i enjoyed my stay there, i like toronto people’s and its players, and I love the fukking mall…but I hate those sticks from the pit of my fukking soul. Remember, I didn’t talk trash…you guys did. I don’t have to post anything from IRC cuz I got MULTIPLE heads claiming trashing talking T.O players…I know i won’t have chance to play any of you again for awhile, so you better get your fukking practice in…in the long run, me take your milk money and me buy herb with it so me can enter tourney and lose to jill and rogue players and star this shit all over again…

chill guy nobodys enemies here…more than half of the people here didn’t even knew who u were at the toruny, hell i didn’t even know who you were for sure till mvc2 singles.
Im an op in #tosf and ive checked with other ops who have our chan logged and there was no trash talk…well, there is trash talk but not what you think. t.o. is know for retarded trash talk, go ask the ppl in texas, pittsburg and MTL. And if nething, t.o. wasn’t the ones who started anything. (u don’t want me to back that up)
Im just saying chill, who the fuck cares what ppl think. If you know you can play much better on proper sticks then there really isn’t anything to prove to anyone else u know? I played like total shit at T4 but the fact that i know i can play better is enough for me. Fuck what everyone else thinks.

proper sticks ya right american sticks are TOO fucking tight

josh, the REALLL jwo.


Nobody plays well on those shit sticks man, juss chill. I play 1000 times better on an american stick, and I know that you guys from philly do as well. Som and Josh were mad humble about there losses even though they knew they could do much better on american sticks so its all good man, nuff respect to them…
see you all at evo… or whoever is going…

Looks like everything that I was worried about (regarding stick issues) came true. :frowning:

Eh, I’ve complained enough…but everything I said up to this point I stand by…

1, sticks were fukking horrible

2, toronto was mad fun and people were mad chill

3, I still know that IRC was talking smack…there nothing to prove or disprove. I’ll take my friends words over others…if you not the one talking trash, then don’t tell me to chill…im already fukking chill

4, I wasn’t trying to start anything…I just wanted the peepz talking shit on IRC to say something on shoryuken. If you didn’t say shit, then don’t need listen to all my shit you know?

5, Everyone from philly is a fukking broke ass bums with pocket full of canadian dollars…Only Som and Ron are going, so have fun whoever going to evo from T4.

Hey Six-Armed, you should take any kind of smack or trash talking comming out of T.O. with a grain of salt.

Take a cursory look at the any Toronto or Sauga thread. There is probably more smack in those 2 threads at any given time than the rest of Atlantic North combined. Its like their hobby or something.

No one means any disrespect to you.

wow ur pretty stupid…
OBviously i was sandbaggin becuz i didn’t do my secret combo on u. YES, i do infact have a secret combo which i planed on doing it against u in the singles. but we never got a chance to, so therefore i’m still better than u in mvc2 since i beat u in T3. :slight_smile:

and jason only beat me becuz he’s an orbit player, while i’m not.

Ur a joke.

Yes, you’re a living joke JS. And I’m willing to put money on Jon beating you down at MvC2 any day of the week.

I got $20 on Jonstar!!!

Hahaha JS, you should learn to gaurd break first :smiley:


strawberry milk > LazyJ