T5 Arcade Stick Templates

I know, I know there are a lot of T5 stick mod questions but I am currently designing some artwork for mine and need a gif of some sort to tell me where the holes on the face plate so I can orientate my pictures correctly. Does anybody have one? I tried the search feature but it kept sending me to a blank white page. Plus the template links in the Official Aracade stick Threads are down. Thank you in advance.

Closest Ive found is this:


Its for a HRAP, but the button layout looks the same, just omit the turbo panel.

You can use this. Just remove the turbo button panel like Forster said. Everything else is the same for the T5.


Thanks alot guys. And while I"m at it what would be the best way to apply the artwork to the face plate. Is there a recommended type of paper?

I think most people get it printed on 10 pt glossy paper at kinkos or staples or something and have plexi over it. Ive seen a few people also use some sticky adhesive called acetate or something that they stuck over the art then tucked the rest under the metal panel.

alright sounds cool. Thank you.

sorry for the question but how do i even remove the buttons from the t5 stick? i open it and everything but i can take it apart from the rest of it, little help here or send me to the right thread or forum.

Assuming you’ve already desoldered the buttons, they should be push-in’s so just press down on the tabs and they should come out.

ooops… i had them soldered, i’m done taking everything apart. Thnx doo. :tup: