T5: Canadian Fighting Game Championships

These are the results from Day 1’s Team Tournaments:

1st - Team People’s champ (Tyranidman/Skisonic/Ratio1Beatdown)
2nd - Team Lean back (Jonstar/Darkdragon/OmniDragon)
3rd - Team Natural Disasters (Jiggabry/Gerjay_2001/DaFlipMastaXV)
4th - Team LuckFest - (ROC/Fobguy/G3nn
5th - Team Montreal (Samnang/Arcadekid/Nagen)
5th - Team Get Yourself Shot (Krasshole/Crayz Penguin/DM)
*Note I still need the full results for this tournament.

1st - Team T4 Champs
2nd - Team Here We Go
3rd - Team Hugo
4th - Team Decepticons
5th - Team Montreal
5th - Team Chron
7th - Team DT Funland
7th - Team S.L.C.
9th - Team Veasna
9th - Team Bye
9th - Team Zan
9th - Team Revolution

CAPCOM VS SNK 2 (16 Teams)
1st (Tie) - Team K Groove (Ratio1beatdown/FreddyLoco/XXL)
1st (Tie) - Team Scrub (Jonstar/Prez/Tigerlee)
3rd - Team Ready For Battle (Nagata Lock II/Gerjay 2001/EX_Matt)
4th - Team 813 (Arcade Legend/Flightwing)
5th - Team Brood (Veasna/???/Mana Boy)
5th - Team Parry That Shit (Arcade Kid/Nagen/JD)
7th - Team Poke Guy (Poke Guy)
7th - Team Fuck You Nagata (C-Royd/King Of Naboo/YellowS4)
9th - Team HuGGlez! (Hihihi/OmniDragon)
9th - Team Tanzier (Kymah/L.S.D.)
9th - Team Rush (Tonbarry/???)
9th - Team Montreal Elites (Temujin/???/Flowcus)
13th - Team Al Qaida (Majin Ryu/Shumayel/Jeebus!)
13th - Team Kuwait (Jiko Rocker/Poptardo/Herny)
13th - Team Hammer (RPGv2/WB!/Chono)
13th - Team SoCal (Mike Watson/Paulee)

Isaac is TOO GOOD.

my only hope is to get him drunk.

Issac has to be the nicest guy that SCARES THE FUCK OUT OF ME! Oh my God, that Magneto was something unto itself. All those who do not wet their pants while being rushed by his Mags are true men. :sweat:


Ugh, we had to face C Royd’s team first all because someone else fucked up the brackets and put us in CvS2 and then had to add us to 3s at the last minute. :frowning:

Lots of good matches there though…who were the Twelve and Necro players on that one team?

u wrote the names in a wrong order…

XXL aka best in canada’s name should be first since he carried the whole team…

Does anyone know who was on these teams?

I think Nagen was on Temujin’s team and Arcadekid’s team was Lars and some mtl 3s player.

1st - Team T4 Champs (jay, ben, the jonstar)
2nd - Team Here We Go (croyd, watts, paul)
3rd - Team Hugo (hugo anthony, louie, bort)
4th - Team Decepticons (doughboy darrin, his urien friend, and cuba gooding jr)
5th - Team Montreal (arcade kid’s team?)
5th - Team Chron (antoine, tony, chris*)
7th - Team DT Funland (kei, no mercy, cool killer)
7th - Team S.L.C. (S, L, and C)
9th - Team Veasna (veasna, mtl guy, and mtl guy)
9th - Team Bye (kin, geese and duck)
9th - Team Zan (you know, those guys)
9th - Team Revolution (ric, randy and hunter)

*left in the middle

w00t Tyranidman and DM

issac you need to stop beastin in cananda

and make sure you get them beastin $$$ matches of DM and show me

fuck yo face issac, your ugly


Thanks to Jon and Ben for holding it down. I hate you guys. I only played 5x all night hahaha.

GG’s everyone. Sorry to Team Doughboy for getting your hopes up lol.

Props to everyone who played,and congrats to the winner team.I just gotta get more better to the japanese arcade sticks,until i’m as good as i am in the ps controller.Yo dave when are you at orbit the most?let me know if you ever wanna meet up.

Wooo we came 9th…hahaha.

Is a canadian gonna win MvC2 this year or is gonna be the mighty Tyranidman from Maryland?

My money is on Isaac… his msp looks slick as hell…



Good luck to DM with his $-match(es) and in the tourneys!

much love to all my teammates!

<3 Isaac

Hidden entry fees? fuck that :mad:

We didnt have time to play the money match. Issac didn’t win T5 :p. That man is a motherfuckin beast though O_O. Nice meeting you issac :D. Good stuff.


The team tournaments and marvel’s singles were sick.

People were getting fucking shot all over the place.

CvS2: Variety of teams used here I think.

Arcade Legend


Samnang [Mag/BH/Cyke, Commando]
JiggaBry [Scrub, scrub clops, Santhrax]
GerJay [Matrix]
Isaac Grahm [MSP, MST, Santhrax??]

3s: (not sure who used what)

Ben [Urien?]
Paul Lee [Ken?]
Jay (YellowS4) [Dudley?]