T5 Dress Up Time!


It’ll be a while before I think I’ll get around to doing art for my T5 - so until then, what color buttons/stick should I go with? Tell me what you guys think looks good with the stock art (until I get new art).

For those who can’t visualize, I 'shopped it all for you. =P





I’m using Korean buttons 'cause they don’t require filing down my T5 button holes. I’m not touching the start/select 'cause they don’t require high quality parts and aren’t worth the extra money IMHO. =)


Blue looks the best, how about white? Think either blue or white look the best with the stock art plus have alot of options for when you do switch art.


i vote all yellow


the blue color scheme is similar to what i did with mine


that is sexy


I think all white is the best option if you’re going with that horribly cramped art.


Actually, the T5 doesn’t need the button holes widened, it just needs the little tabs removed… Those tabs are likely to cause you issues with Korean buttons also, and since the holes are wider than the Korean buttons other than the tab, you may not be able to get them in very securely…


Thanks for the replies guys - but white isn’t an option with the Korean buttons Laugh is selling. =)

Seems like the consensus is blue so far - we’ll see what everyone else thinks. =)


Hmm - anyone know about this? I read in the T5 Modding thread that they would be fine. =( Also, if the holes are indeed 30mm anyone know a way to keep them in there?

Thanks for the replies guys - but white isn’t an option with the Korean buttons Laugh is selling. Blue seems to be the prevailing consensus right now. =)


I’ve already removed the tabs on mine, so I can’t check… :frowning: The holes are definitely 30mm other than the tabs, but the tabs might not be too big to fit the Korean buttons in.


Hey bchan, I am getting a better idea of what you are trying to do.

I actually just got some Korean buttons, and they do fit in fine on a Wii fighting stick I just picked up (even with tabs), but not super securely. I mean as long as you’re not throwing your joystick across the room when you land an ultra, I think for the most part it will be okay. As far as I know, the wii fighting stick is pretty much the same layout as the T5 stick.

The Korean buttons are 28 mm which are a touch small, but they don’t seem to slip out too easily.

Are you also planning to swap out the joystick?


Hey man - thanks for the info!

Also, were the buttons you bought snap-in or screw-in?

I’m hoping you can just replace the buttons (with QDs if possible, but if not that’s fine), and then maybe also set the stock joystick up with QDs too (also fine if you can’t) - that way I can preferably just switch out the joystick for a JLF later.


At least on the Wii joystick, it’s already setup for QDs (you just pull the existing ones off).

As for the buttons, well Korean buttons don’t use prongs from what I have (crown buttons, standard 28mm size). They all use soldering points for connecting. That means you won’t be able to use QDs on the Korean buttons. I could probably just solder the wires directly to the buttons, but just so you see that’s the probably the only option with Korean buttons.

Maybe you can get Korean buttons with QD prongs on them?


The snap-on’s I’m using can actually use QDs. But soldering straight up is fine too. Pm sent btw. =)

Wow. What an epic game of forum tag. =D


so do the korean buttons(28) feel better than the sanwa(30)? i also have a t5 plate im moddin an wanted to ask how the feel was?


Parts are still in the mail. I’ll let you know once I get them and AK solders them in for me. =)


I haven’t played on them yet, but having Korean and Sanwa buttons in my hands, they feel the same. no click like the US buttons.


the blue buttons with the yellow bat top is quite hot.


Agreed. That, or the all yellow. It keeps the unchanged Start/Select buttons looking “in place.”