T5 Hori modding problem

OK, so I got a T5 Hori for dirt cheap, ordered some Sanwa buttons and a joystick, and tried putting everything in. Everything works fine, except for one button.

The problem is this. In order to get the huge Sanwa prongs into the tiny holes on that PCB, I lightly drilled out the holes to make them bigger. The first button I did this on, I went a bit too far and mistakenly drilled out a large portion of the metal contacts, which the prongs are soldered to, on the other side of the PCB. There was still enough left to solder to without problems, or so I thought. Now the button works on and off. Sometimes it works without problems, other times it will work every other time, and still others there will be no response at all.

What’s the best course of action to fix this problem?

first off you should used wires instead of soldering it directly on the pcb. Instead you should have soldered one end of the wire to the solder point on the pcb and put a quick disconnect on the other end to attach to the sanwa prongs. Only thing i can think of now is to just get a ps1 ds pcb and rewire it? Just my 2 cents, plus having a first party sony pcb is better when you decide to use converters later on.

use wires for the button that doesnt work 100% anymore. just scrape some of the green off the trace to reveal some more metal contact areas that leads to that button and solder the wire there.

OK, I’ll try using wires on that button instead…I don’t feel like desoldering all the buttons and the joystick though since they’re all working fine.

I’ll also see if I can scrape out some more metal contact area.

gl man. i had to do the same to my t5 stick awhile ago and it is still working like a charm.