T5 Hori stick and Innovation


Im plannin’ on buying another stick for my 2 older bro’s when they play mvc2 and 3s with me. They both said they love the ball type, yes they’re old skool, they used to play sf1 in the arcades in the 80’s. So, I wanna get em a T5 hori Stick. I got 2 innovations coming soon. One for my Mas and one for their T5. Does the T5 Hori work good with the Innovation ps2 to DC converter?



yes it does Justin. As a matter of fact, the innovation converter is your best bet for using any psx controllers and joysticks to dc. There is also no lag time. I just recently purchased a Dream Connection II from innovation and the timing works great on my psx controllers and MAS stick.


Thanx man. Hopefully everything arrives soon.

  • Justin


I have an Innovation converter and a t5

works great :tup: