T5 Law Combo Help

Can someone please explain to me how to pull Laws Dragon Charge moves after b+2,3,4 in juggles? I usually see ones like:

WS+2, 4, b+2,3,4 then his Dragon charge 3 kick

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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after the b+2,3,4, you have to input b,f,b,f to go into DSS, so you can do the DSS 3. So the input looks something like:

WS+2, f+4, b+2,3,4~b,f,b,f, DSS 3

Do the 4 as f+4 to get you closer, because the range on the DSS 3 can be a little touchy, sometimes.

you can also use b,f,f to transition into DSS
just use what’s more comfortable

Thanks for the info, got it to work now. :china:

ws+2, 4,u+3, ff+213 does more damage.


U/F+4,3 1,2,3 1,2,3 (wall) 4,3,4 for big damage.

WS+2 4,u+3 b,f,b,f (DSS) f+1 looks cool