T5 $ Matches vs SooMighty/Venom

me and venom will play 2 on 2 or one on one money matches at T5. anyone? while were at it any money matches against me for marvel? holla at me!

if i go,10$ in mvc2 and 10$ in t5

finally! ok as much as I dont want to take your money andy I have to haha. just clownin. or am I?

come on people. I see like a million money matches going on everywhere. marvel vs Soo or T5 vs Soo or Soo/Venom.

I’ll go against you and the phenom in T5 for money. I’m sure i can get PyroJoe to team up with me. I’d say 10 bucks each, and how are we going to do the team thing? Each person plays the guys from the other team a certain number of matches then add the scores?


If I make it, I’ll play you in MvC2 for $10.

2/3 - $5 mvc2, that be kewl w/u?

I’m pretty sure I’ll make it & I’m down for a one on one against you SooMighty. :slight_smile: 2 on 2 if I can get one of my friends to jam to EVO this year.

ill be there mr.soomighty sir lol XD ill mm u for $10 in mvc2 and in T5 id like to play ya more than likely your going to take my money in mvc2 but T5 i dont know i am prettey random in that game according to everyone ive every played lol

Ill play you as well for both. 2/3 10$ sound good? Hopefully im going, at least i should ill let ya know if i am or not. But im down for MM against u in marvel and t5.

Isaac Graham vs. Soo for 20? Sounds magnificent. Isaac whats good?

I got 20 on that boy soo over isaac ;]

Yipes + Isaac vs. Soo + Reset would be interesting

Bet it, i dont know if yipes is going, but josh coming with us. If not yipes, me/josh vs soo/nick, mvc2 match for ultra <3.