T5 pcb problem please help!

I started modding my T5 stick today and came into a bit of trouble. I wired everything up well and everything works with the exception of the joystick. The directions are all funky and a few of them don’t work properly.

I went ahead and used my multimeter to find out what the problem is and one of the directions (down) is shorting with something. When I go ahead and take out the wire and test the hole the multimeter doesn’t beep, but when I have the wire in the hole (not soldered) it beeps.

I went ahead and tried switching out the TP-MA for the JLF and it still beeps, but if I take out the JLF harness and test out the hole it doesn’t beep.

I don’t know what to do please help!!!

Here’s a picture of the said hole.

Damn it I knew I shouldn’t have taken out the wires that were there before…