T5 Results

Well, quick results of MvC2 team tourney (For anyone who wasn’t there)

1st - Team People’s champ - Tyranidman, Skisonic, Ratio1Beatdown
2nd - Team Lean back (I think?) - Jonstar, Darkdragon, OmniDragon
3rd - Team Natural Disasters - Jiggabry, Gerjay_2001, DaFlipMastaXV
4th - Team LuckFest - ROC, Fobguy, g3nn
T5th - Team Montreal - Samnang, Arcadekid, Nagen?
T5th - Team Get Yourself Shot - Krasshole, Crayz Penguin, DM-

10 Teams Total

Add the other results here too

Solid playing today from everyone… Hope they get that second player side fixed again… Fudge, you think they could do it right the first time.

Justin, if you read this, we need lk replaced and a new stick put in.

Oh yeah… and for CvS2…

My team came third, I was with Justin and Matt. Jonstar/Prez/Gordon are duking it out with XXL/Freddy Loco/Roger for the grand finals. We came 3-2 against Roger’s team in the losers finals. It was sooo close… but meh, its ok.

Final edit I think.

MATT AND JUSTIN, you owe me 5 bucks each for registration in CvS2. I paid your fees and didn’t get it back.