t5 stick mod


anyone mod this thing before. Is there anyway to mod it while keeping the stock pcb? search function doesnt seem to be working


I have it modded with stock PCB. Nothing to it. Makes things easier actually.


how exactly did you do that? the buttons are soldered onto the pcb so i assumed i would be able to change the buttons without gutting the whole box


i desoldered all the hori buttons and put wires in their place, with QDs at the end. and i just put in sanwa hardware and attatched the wires.

I originally had a PS1 dualshock PCB in place, the solderless mod - but i didnt like it at all. My wires were too thick and they all didnt fit in place properly, made poor contact and eventually came loose.

So I scrapped that and just wired up what I had already direct onto the original PCB and that was that.

I eventually wanna put the PS1 pcb back in, with the wires soldered directly into the contacts behind the spot where you’d normall put them on the wireless mod, but the solder spots are very small, and I’ve been putting off that project cause it’ll be a real chore.


Stupid question since I am new to arcade sticks,but where could I buy Quick Disconnects?


Any good electronics shop.


You can desolder the solder points, and remove the PCB. Once you pop out the HORI buttons, there will be tabs that you will have to grind down. Once those are out of the way, you can slip the Sanwa buttons in, and wire it up.

I soldered wires to the PCB, then put quick disconnects in. There are a few ways to mount the stick. You can cut the screws, or drill holes in the gate.

Once the search function comes back up, just put in T5 mod. There are a ton of threads out there, and I’ve written a few step by step instructions for a bunch of members of the board (yall know who you guys are!!).

If you’re having trouble, you can always send me a PM or contact me on AIM, and I can help you through the whole thing.


thanks for the help guys


im gonna be modding one soon
it hasnt arrived yet =/

ill post when it does


Yeah Im going to mod a T5 stick soon so if anyone has pics that would be great. the images on this T5 stick mod tutorial are down.


Yes I am interested in the missing images for this mod also…

Thanks in advance