T5 stick part out ( Sanwa, Seimitsu, Hacked pcbs.....)


I am now parting out the stick, you can refer to pics to see what your buying

So my finger is feeling better and i now have a medical bill i need to pay. So i will be taking the stick apart in the middle of next week. Im posting prices up now so people can call dibs. Prices DO NOT include shipping.
I will accept paypal and money orders/personal check
All arcade parts have only acouple of hours of test play on them. They are in new condition.

(1) T5 case $50
You get the case with all original hardware including stick mounting screws.
Note: Button holes have been dremeled, art has been removed and there is a 30mm hole on back of case. All the hard work is done, just put your pcb and parts in.

(1) White Sanwa JLF $24 (Pending to OneThreeFour)
Comes with mounting plate. The gate has 4 small holes from being mounted in the T5 case. Doesnt affect the stick whatsoever.

(6) White Sanwa OBSF30s $17 (Pending to OneThreeFour)

(2) White Sanwa OBSF24s $5

(1) White Seimitsu PS-14-GN $2

Each pcb will come with euro strips(unless you buy both) that way you can add the correct length of wire for your application.

(1) Hacked Xbox 360 pcb w/strip $45
triggers were not hacked and have been neutralized.

(1) Wired T5 pcb w/strip $30
L1 and L2 were not wired

Need some cash so im modding one of my cases and selling it.
Heres a quick rundown of what I put in the case
-T5 stick-
-Brand new Sanwa JLF(white)
-(6) Brand new 30mm Sanwa buttons(white)
-(2) Brand new 24mm Sanwa buttons(white)
-(1) Brand new 30mm Seimitsu button(white)(guide button will be on back of case)
-(2) Brand new 30mm hole plugs
-ps2/360 dual mod
-T5 art/adhesive will be removed. So its ready for a lamilable or plexi

Selling for $185+shipping
$215 obo w/plexi+shipping (arthong 8 button plexi) PLEXI IS SOLD
If you buy it with the plexi, you can send me a T5 template with your artwork on it and ill print it out and fit it to the stick so you dont have to worry about it. $3 more.

I mod sticks on the side, you can see some of my work here

Stick has been Tested on P2/PS3/PC/360 and DC and works perfectly. No issues at all.

NOTE: Inside of stick has been cleaned since pics were taken

button mapping

Squ Tri R1
X O R2


Guide is on the back of the stick


please keep me updated as well as the pictures cause im very interested


I will post updates on this thread as i go.


nice gl on this sale aj and let me know if you wanna sell those 2 24mm black buttons with my mod:)


This is one of my other sticks using a Arthong 8 button plexi. Just an idea of what i can look like.
Sorry, used the black seimitsu’s on this stick


is that a regular or an extended plexi?


not sure, i just know its from arthong. Got 2 of them, a stock T5 stick and 4 brand new dark hai snap ins locally. Wish it was the 6 button layout, but cant complain, right? lol


Sell it to me for $15 and put it with my other stuff and order a 6 button from art:)


Stick will be done today. Added Plexi option

ibeatu- i might sell you that second plexi. Let me see…


alright let me know i got a new 7 button layout with the start and select cutouts as well but i want 8 lol


Stick is finished!!!

Stick inside has been cleaned. I know in the pics there are small pieces of cut wire.


dropped price to $200, lets get this sold


aj put it on ebay it will sell quicker :slight_smile:


Looks like the market for sticks is dying.


I noticed, afew sticks up for sale, and no takers.
Ill probably put it up on ebay tonight if i dont have any hits when i get back tonight.


Custom Stick ps2/360

Hello, In the post you stated it works on ps3. What converter do you reccomend I get for this stick for ps2 to ps3 for it to work perfect. Let me know since I might pick up this stick if the money flows good within the next week.


Yes, this ps2 pcb will work lag free on both the Pelican and Inpin adapters. I own both. It will probably be easier to get your hands on an inpin. A fellow SRK’er sells them. His name is Laugh, heres his thread


Final Price Drop


If my money wasn’t tied up in some other custom that is long overdue, I’d be all over this in a heartbeat. AJ- If I get a refund in the next week, I will send you a pm. It doesn’t sound like you are gonna keep it that long, but I will try nonetheless.


Man that sucks. I was tempted to get this before noticing the hrap1 layout; I’m all about the hrap2. :sweat: Would’ve been a steal too.

You should really try ebay. Even after the fees you’ll more than likely get more than what your asking for. (more than likely)