T5 Stick Problem

The balltop for this stick seems to spin uncontrollably and severely affects my gameplay… anyone know how to fix this??

Screw ball.

No, seriously.
Put ‘screw ball’ into the keywords, no quotes
select Tech Talk
click search.

I don’t see how that helps me… all those threads had nothing do to with a “screw ball”

Open the stick, take a flat head and screw the ball back on tighter. If you need more help, look at step 7 of my HRAP2 modding guide.

**Really? **
Had nothing to do with it?
**Weird. **

It makes me feel all good inside knowing that I was quoted for a scolding of an SRK member =)

Are you sure thats the right T5 stick, because on mines (the one with the PCB soldered to the buttons) the stick spins while im screwing the bottom of the stick

goddamn it why was me being ignorant and stupid linked?


The screwdriver is used to prevent the shaft from spinning while you screw on the ball top tighter.

Alright cool, before I open up the stick again and try that AGAIN, can you tell me if the T5 stick has any problems inputting moves? Like anything messed up with the microswitches? Or can it be im just not used to ball tops? Because with my SFAC i can perfectly input moves, opposite with Hori Ball top.

probably just you. do both your sticks have the same type of gate? if so, you may not be used to the gate in the t5.

yeah it definitely has a different gate, do you think i will have the same problem with a sanwa jlf-tp-8y?

Hori should be a square gate, which is the same as the Sanwa’s, but some people say there’s a big difference between the Hori and a Sanwa stick. Best bet would be to try out a Sanwa first before making the investment.