T5 Stock PCB help

Ive been doing research for the past 3 hours using the site:shoryuken method on google.

I installed new buttons on my t5 via QDs. I soldered wires directly to the stock pcb. When I first plugged it in to my pc, I got the buttons to light up including the joystick.

A few Qds were loose, so I went back re-did most of them. I came back and to my astonishment, the pc is not recognizing my buttons nor my stick at all. So Im here flustered.

My questions are:
Did I short out my pcb?
Or what else may be the culprit?

Thank you for your help in advance. If I didnt do enough research, please direct me to a link. Sorry also in advance.

Did you forget to plug in the cord harness to the PCB?

dont test with a pc. that eliminates a problem.

anyway, double check the wiring and look at your pcb. make sure nothings touching where its not supposed to and look for stray wire strands or globs of solder. those could create bridges and shorts.

then confirm it working on a ps2/ps3. THEN, connect to PC. From there, if it still doesnt recognize, unplug the controller and adapter. plug them back in and if nothing pops up still, reboot and leave them plugged in. then go to control panel and check “gaming controller” or whatever and check the settings.

good luck.

Last night I went through all of my connections with a multimeter, checking if it was leading elsewhere. I will check again. There may be some exposed wires, but I am not sure. I will do this once I get out of class today, I will update. Thanks.

EDIT: It seems fine on the ps2, thanks for the advice EndlessZeal. I just finished filing the tabs off, and what not. Thank you so much.

no problem :tup:

i actually just finished modding two T5 sticks minus sanwa sticks… (too poor to buy them right now :rofl:).

and i saw you post on the T5 thread. as for the drilling, make sure the bits are sharp and just be firm and steady. it "shouldn’t " crack if all is good.

have fun. :rock: