T5 Tourney 11/10 @ SoR Gaming Wilmington, Delaware

If you be all wiggidy-wild with the Tekken then come on down and win yo’self some mad monies! We be all kinds of crazy with the kicks and punch-bits! Come get seriously ill with da ps3, yeah…e-bola style!

Tekken 5 DR tournament November 10
Sign ups @ noon
Tourney starts @ 2pm sharp (call in if your gonna be late.)

SoR Gaming
3100 Naamans Rd.
Wilmington, DE 19810
Store phone #302-477-4160

Venue Fee: $10
Entry Fee: $10

First seven people who brings in a PS3 Console & a copy of Tekken 5 DR on it gets Tournament entry fee waived.

2 out of 3
Double Elim

1st- 70% of total entry fee
2nd- 20% of total entry fee
3rd- 10% of total entry fee

Please PM me if you need anymore info or call my cell at 302-482-8506.

We have 5 open HDTV’s available in our store. (No input Lag & accepts component/HDMI.)


Alright I changed my setup I’ll be bringing my PS3 in for this So you guys will guaranteed have one ready for play. If you want more I hope you guys in the community will help me out .

I also lowered the venue, let me know if you guys would like anymore changes.