T5T Winnipeg, Manitoba August 14-15

Might as well put a thread up here. This is our yearly major and the fifth one we’ve done.

T5T - That 5ummer Tournament
Saturday/Sunday August 14th/15th, 2010

Location: University of Manitoba, Armes Building Science Lounge

Be at the Lounge on Saturday for about 11ish - 12ish for sign ups and stuff.

Schedule (Subject to Change)


  • Super Smash Bros. Melee (Wii) - 2PM - $10
  • Street Fighter II: HYPER FIGHTING (Emulation) - 3PM - $5
  • Super Street Fighter 4 Teams (2v2) (PS3) - 6PM -$20
  • Tekken 6 (PS3) - 8PM - $5


  • Tatsunoko vs. Capcom (Wii) - 2PM - $5
  • Capcom vs. SNK 2 (PS2) - 4PM - $5
  • BlazBlue: CS (PS3) - 4PM - $5
  • Super Street Fighter IV Singles (PS3) - 6PM - $10

Side Games

  • Melty Blood (PS2)
  • Soul Calibur IV (PS3)
  • Some other stuff, more to come.

I know its short notice but we just got our venue confirmed.

KI and Fighter’s Destiny MM’s GET HYPE

ROFL@Fighter’s Destiny.

Yo, T5T is gonna be streamed. Mad hype.

That’s if I learn how to use this shit and we get a decent connection…

It will happen

MVP sask player right here, Im gonna get streamed yay:party:

hahahaha, MVP for Saskatchewan would probably go to Norman or Merlin bud, leaning more towards Norman though. Sooooorrrrrrrryyyyyy

I played norman once online, I won but it was a bad connection so it doesnt really count. I played merlin in person and he can tell you how it went:china:

I could honestly are less about who is the best or not. I suck and being MVP of Saskatchewan isn’t some big achievement. All I care is if we rep hard. :tup:

Agree on the latter part, but the former? I don’t think so. You better than you think man.

Hey man your great at hyper fighting and I think 3s but its been years since I last played you in 3s. Saskatchewan will rep hard, between me,you and merlin…its a winning combination!

PS3 controllers allowed?


Worried about Fighter’s Destiny though. I’m really mechanized at it. Maybe it’s the game haha.

Dat Supah will be interesting…

Also, did anyone coming from out of town get here early? I saw people taking pictures of a bubble tea house of all places. Felt like they were taking crazy pills.

As far as I know for PS3 controllers, khmeroldiez, they can’t be wireless ones. They stay synced up with the same ps3 even if you connect it to another one and press the PS button, causing both ps3 to go to the XMB. Which has screwed a couple of matches before and needless to say, people were pissed lol. There will be wired PS2 controllers with converters on hand, so if you have your own PS2 controller (or a wired PS3 Fightpad), you can still rock the show with one of those.

Stream is here.

Chip Damage LIVE on Justin.tv

Le sigh.

Pad Long takes it. Good shit Rik. I’m salty you stopped my teams/singles train :frowning:

Going to ze lab.