T6 Bryan Fury: Headhunter/Cheap Trick

~Posted on Zaibatsu but forum seems dead so I’ll ask here as well

Recently I’ve been learning some combo’s that I picked up from TheMeatery’s ‘-fists’ combo videos. Classy stuff. ([media=youtube]_G_jdsAeI7U[/media])

Today I tried learning some of the ones that open with CH cheap trick, but it dawned on me that in about a years worth of play I’ve never actually landed a CH cheap trick in a real match.

My questions are as follows:

  • Is Headhunter/Cheap Trick even worth going for? Any evasive or unusual properties?
    If so:
  • When is a good time to throw out a HH?
  • Good ways to lead into or set up HH/CT?
  • Anything guaranteed after regular CT?
  • Other oki options?

Thanks in advance.

~Edit: Okay, since I literally can’t find more then a few sentences on these moves after searching across the web. I’ve decided to compile all the info and my findings in this thread. I really think this mixup has potential. It’ll be difficult to test most stuff thanks to no record mode so inaccuracies abound. Feel free to add to the topic.

Impact 29f | Dmg 39 | FA -5 | High
H: KND CH: KND (both untechable)

Range: Similar to 3+4, outside of poke range.

Evasion: Unlike similar moves, has very little evasion beyond the initial SS. Easily interrupted by jab/1,2 strings.

SSR 1: Close knockdown, less evasive?
Combo’s into: d3,2 (56 dmg) or qcb4 (60 dmg)

Note: Works against stand to guard dummy but not opponent holding forward?

SSL 1: Far knockdown, more evasive?
No guaranteed follow ups afaik

Notes: Freakin odd move. Slow but good range unpunishable on hit, 60 dmg with follow up as a sidestep punish seems decent but still not better then 3+4 which is a full juggle, faster and a mid. -_-’’ HH isn’t as bad on block, seems that’s all that’s going for it along with the fear of a CT~JU.

Potential for sidestep cancel into HH/CT to punish predictable ducks of qcf 4,1. Very slow.

Cheap Trick
Impact 35 | Dmg 28 | FA -12 | Mid
H: KND CH: Stun

CH open ground ~95
CH at wall ~120

Range: Looks like more but is actually about the same as HH.

Evasion: Doesn’t high crush. :frowning: Don’t see anything else.

Notes: Identifying CT on reaction is pretty much impossible. If the opponent tries to duck it will hit. Jab punishable. Starts slow but covers distance exceptionally fast.

Scary as fuck with back to the wall. Duck and hope opponent screws up the punish. WS1.

‘kara’ Slither Step into ss 1~2 covers a lot of ground quickly.

b2, 1 ss 1~2 beats ws launchers if the b2 is blocked(?)

b2,f1 ss 1~2 is a crazy mess of cancels, might work. Once.