T6: Canada vs Empire 5 on 5 MvC2 Vid

EDIT: File has been taken down, wow you guys raped 50gb of bandwidth in like 12 hours or less. :rofl: :wow:

Not really mad that you guys got my site shut off for the rest of the month (should be back in a few days), more like flattered really. :rofl:

So yeah for other people, just wait until Combovideos has it up.

ty <3

Downloading right now, gonna watch it while I work. Hurrah for BS player.

thanks for the hosting

Sweet. Thanks.

Thanks for the hosting kyoji. :tup:

gonna have to mute the volume on this bitch.

I’ll download this when ig et home tonight thanks!

Great vid! I’ve always loved Nagata’s ridiculously enthusiastic commentary on CvS2 vids, so I’m really enjoying it with this. Thanks for hosting.

Thx for upping…loving the speeds I’m getting for this one

::sigh:: Yup

Which players are on Team Canada and Empire?

USA: Q/Matrix/X/Sanford/Wong

Canada: Jiggabry/Gerjay/Tao/G3nn/Jonstar

Canada = player 2 side for every match

Who’s the guy commentating that matches…?


Gotta love the unexpected DHC into Cammy by Tao.

Vid was great. thanks a bunch

Down already? Jeebus :tdown:

man Red sure got angry on that last match O_O

Im about to upload it to Combovideos right now guys.

In the interim, it’s on the DirectConnect hub ( GoForBroke2.no-ip.com ). If combovideos.com doesn’t have it by tomorrow (status?), it’ll be up on zachd.com. I just didn’t have it at work today, so when the link went down and people started asking me about it I was high and dry. :smile: (written from a random Internet cafe in Chinatown with the system partly in Korean… :confused: )

Heres the CV mirror

Thanks for the share.