T6 Canadian Championships. (Apology post)

Admin, could you lock this post immediately when you see it. I just want to post this to bring closure to the last thread, however when I tried to do that you had already closed the thread. Thanks.

For Canada and the Empire only: http://empirearcadia.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=1796#1796

BTW, On the Behalf of Beastcoast Productions, I would like to apologize the act by Mark Beast. Please keep in mind that he did it as a joke, with no disrespect at all. Thank you

In before lock…


Empire fucks up again, :rofl:

Where is deh AVATAR?!? WE WANNA SEE!

^ I want to see it also.

I caught a glipmse of it…it was tasteless.

We didn’t “Fuck” up again. We just feel that the situation is getting out of hand. Remember, the Empire was insulted first. What happened afterwards was a reaction. I just didn’t like the reaction of the member who did it. I was to busy addressing other issues on TekkenZaibatsu. Then when I got back to SRK I see all hell breaking loose.

So I don’t care who started it, and I don’t know who insulted who. All I know is that I am going to take responsibility for what we did wrong. If the offender who offended the Empire does not want to apologize, that is not my concern. That’s on that individual person. I am NOT going to say that all of “CANADA” is prejudicial just as it is being looked upon that we are like that because one Empire member insults Canada, now everyone believes the whole Empire disses Canada. You can have double-standards about that but we are not going to hold the whole of Canada responsible for one person’s actions, the same way we do not expect them to hold the whole Empire responsible for one member’s actions. Even if all of Canada chooses to look at the Empire that way, I can’t help that situation as I’ve apologized already. I just want to bring some closure. Why isn’t this thread locked already anyway? This is a pointless venture to continually incite prejudice and hatred in a poor attempt to deface the Empire. Our integrity is sound. That member has been dealt with.

If you don’t get to see it, it was a small Dan Hibiki (NeoGeo Pocket fighter style) pissing on a canadian flag. Which is the whole cause of the contraversy.
I’m not as touchy, you could set alight the welsh flag in front of me and I wouldn’t care but I understand people’s pride over that side of the continent.

to be honest, i’m too lazy to read this whole thing - i didn’t close the other t6 thread and i’m hella even lazier to read that one to find out but i’m just letting everyone know i closed this one…