T6 Save Data issue


I’m having problems with previous T6 sava data on my PS3. I recently bought T6 again (after I let a friend borrow it last year, who gave it to someone else etc), but when I loaded it up it said that there was no save data for T6, so a new one had to be made. My issue is that I still have my previous sava data/game data/trophies for T6 on two seperate users, but both are failing to load? There was an update 1.06 for the game, which I downloaded but I don’t think that’s what caused the problem. Does anyone know why it’s playing up like that? I don’t really want to start from scratch and go through that horrendous scenario campaign again, I was really hoping to resume to where I left off.

Anyone help would be appreciated. :wink:

Well, it’s been almost one week, so you may have figured what the problem is.

Since a new trophy set was installed, I would guess the game is from a different region than the one you had before (say, one is European and the other is from Region 1 - America and such).