T6: The Canadian Fighting Game Championships

He’s losing lots of bets for oral sex. as in he’s getting lots of throat yogurt.

Is he wrestling/molesting people like he does in Vancouver?

Yes he is.

He beat Matrix and Xecutioner in Money Matches for $5 or something.

He arm wrestled someone and won that, I dunno if money was involved.

Best part of the tournament was beating team empire though.

Canadians are trash in T5 and Tao is the best MvC2 player there. bring me back a white girl if you win spidertao.

I’ll repost my bitch in another thread :stuck_out_tongue:

What happened with the 3S? I left early due to elimination and not wanting to see any more dumb shit.

Wtf Arcadekid aint in Team MTL its me <_<

Final T5 3v3 results:

1st./ Empire White - Marvelous, Ricky, Uber Jae
2nd./ Empire Black - Sanford, Naomi, Blood Red

Good job everyone! Especially Naomi! AWESOME STUFF! Haaa, that Anna! Anyways, keep up the great work and have a safe trip back!


1st - Alex/Tidus - johnny/dizzy
2nd - FTK/Pui - johnny/zappa
3rd - JS Master/DarkDragon - baiken/jam
4th - Tigerlee/Sam - slayer/potemkin
5th - JustinW/Ricky Ortiz - baiken?$testament/baiken
5th - x-Sapphire/Jonstar - chipp/millia
7th - Veasna/Manaboy - sol/ky
7th - Victoire/Sopek - jam/dizzy

half of the #r players left for HK…blah

too bad team serious couldn’t attend.

eric scammed my 4 dollars!! but since he treat me to a 20 dollar meal i’ll forgive him lol
and a ride in a crazy car also deserves 4 dollars of gas money

It would’ve been a different story if Trevor and Brian from Montreal attended

Tao is the future

i finalla found a game i can beat Justin Wong in!

eliminated team empire all my myself… OOOOOOOOHHH YAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

#reload is my fav game from now on!

Any news yet for Garou results? Any info would be great…thanks.


ha, arturo didn’t even mention marvel on the phone. even reload got a “oh yeah, and they’re playing reload too.” marvel and st are DONE… in canada.

live update: Justin Wong (Storm/Sent/Commando, MSS) just sent into losers for mvc2 by AneurysmX (MSP)

You’re joking.

wtf…MS fucking P. anyway good shit AneurysmX

Hold that shit Canada.