T7 5v5 Results

Im sure Empire will have a monstrous post about this, but for now…


Empire wins 14-11

I barely remember what happened so please post corrections.

Team Canada Stats
Samnang (1-4 / defeats Arturo)
JS Master (3-2 / defeats Flash Metroid, Arturo, The Game)
Gerjay (1-4 / defeats Arturo)
g3nn (2-3 / defeats Arturo, The Game)
Jiggabry (2-3 / defeats Arturo, The Game)

Just to get in an “I told you so,” the guy who EARNED his spot by fighting his ass off for it (JS) was the MVP of the Canadian team. The guy who everyone kept demanding an autospot for, barely won one game. Sam’s a really nice guy, and he was godly in the past. But he simply wasn’t in any shape to be on this team, or do be playing high level Marvel at all. He has rust to shake off, and it cant be ignored that a lot of people have gotten really good since he was the future. Now they’re the future, and he needs to WORK on his game to stay competitive. I dont want to see him or anyone getting anything based on their laurels any more. Whoever is playing the best at the time, is the best at that time. And in this case, both him and JS proved that fact.

It’s 15 - 10. Gerjay didn’t beat The Game. Random buttons owned him.

Better make it 16-9. Flash Metroid beat Jiggabry.

wheres the rest of the 5v5?

Art =( =( =( =( =(
(runs off to cry)

T5 DR 5 vs 5


Canada owns empire in tekken. AGAIN.

That’s singles/team/5vs5 all taken by Toronto.

Maybe empire should just stick to 2d games?

I agree with your point, Sam’s performance is a result of too much WoW, but also fatigue (he was playing WoW the night before we left MTL and never really slept) and those damn japanese sticks; however, he still managed to qualify. The reason why we wanted him to be on the team is that he never chokes and he’s got a different style from everybody else. He also placed 3rd last MAT even though he didn’t practice at all.

Don’t count on him to work on his game, it was already too much for us to convince him to go to T7.

hey nadir, what the hell happened to the rest of the montreal crew?

we need a collective results thread?

ill be making it soon

We appreciate your efforts in bringing him. Hopefully he gets bored of WoW and gets back into Marvel.

lolz play me in 5.0 and well see what happens. I dont play DR to let ya know. I been quit that game ever since the first DR Tourney. So dont get too hype that you beat us in a game where only 2 players take that seriously. Me getting 3-2 just tells me that game sucks cause all I did was just sit there.

t7 was successfull!!! but so much people i could barely breathe lol hahaha
gg to all… THx spychochronic for that picture hehehe now i know who u are !!! GG in cvs2 man maybe u can have a rematch comeday hehe

JSmaster good shit in cvs2 your lucky i retired from cvs2 longtime ago :stuck_out_tongue: or else i would rollsuper untill you give up !! hahaha GG boy !!

jeron : GG in alpha3 man …i hate mirror match hehehe
if u keep on playing v-vega i can u give some tips n tricks:P hehe peace man!

PREZ: GG man in a3 can you feel my prezence now lol

David spence(dublo7): YO OMG longtime i didnt see you man…how your life going man??? too bad we couldnt talk much… you look so busy n hurry that day hehe…i couldnt event see you days later man u left already ??? anyways gg bro take care untill next time aiteee :slight_smile:

ARTuro and Jwong: U guys should come to montreal one day man!!! MONTREAL GIRLS ARE HOTTTTTTTTTT !!! OH YEA GG in A3 too!!

ninja sentinel : …PAS CAPABLE lol!!!

samnang: …PAS CAPABLE!!! haha

CB : what can i say??? gg in cvs2…too bad we couldnt play a3 for money …but at least we play the 5 on 5 all together hehehe

Superassrider: GG man u getting better i agree …you almost upset me in the tournament man …and good job for wining jwong hehehe

anyways gg sleep now later guys!!!



nice to see such a humble player…jackass. Considering all the empire bashing in the past, you being a complete tool after winning doesn’t help any thing.

No, I’m the bigger ass for provoking empire. hahaha.

I did play you last yr in 5.0 at T6 jwong. Against you it went 1-1 (i played u in 3 vs 3). I used steve, you probably dont remember. Like you, I prefer 5.0. I think DR is pretty, but inconsistant with the massive crush juggle damage and throw abuse.

I was surprised when you beat the korean guy and stood up on your chair man. “I beat korea, I’m justin Wong!”

I’ll never forget that mang. Good shit.