T7: 5v5 Roster

This thread is here to explain how the players for the 5v5 will be decided.
Please keep all the whining and complaining in this thread and not the T7 thread.


Cpt. Jiggabry (Mississauga)
Co.Cpt. Samnang (Montreal)
JJ Tactics (Alberta)
Spider Tao (British Columbia)
-open slot

Gerjay Vs g3nn: Race To 5
The open slot is reserved for the winner of series of matches between g3nn(Toronto) and Gerjay(mississauga).
The race to 5 will follow standard tournament rules.
Tao may or may not come. If he does not show up, g3nn and Gerjay will both be put on the team.

Triple Qualifier: This year, the CvS2 spots will be split up differently. Ratio1beatdown, Heero and JS Master have been given this year’s spots. The last 2 spots will be held under a Double Jeopardy format:

Qualifier will be held on Saturday June 24th

This will be a 2/3 Falls Round Robin Invitational Tournament

$15 per player fee, 80/20 split.

Participants will consist of: Flightwing (Toronto) vs Arcade Legend (Toronto) vs Noodleman (Brampton) vs Gerjay (Mississauga) vs Jiggabry (Mississauga) vs Poke Guy (Mississauga) vs RPGv2 (Hamilton) vs Nagata Lock II (Hamilton)

Qualifier will be held on Saturday June 24th at MIRA Amusements

This will be an Open Invitation standard Double Elimination Tournament

$15 per player fee, 80/20 split

There are only two players out of these areas that appear to be coming for CvS2. Those players are ATM Spidertao and JJ Tactics. They can play each other for the spot.

Once the 3 participants have won their qualifier, they will face off in a double jeopardy Round Robin on the Friday night of the tournament. The first winner takes a spot and the last two will face off again for the last spot.


Cpt. Temujin (Montreal)
Prez (Montreal)
Heero (Montreal)
Dublo7 (Toronto)
-open slot

An open invitation, standard Double Elimination Tournament will be held on Saturday June 24th at Orbit. The winner of the qualifier will go up against a player from Montreal (or Tony’s choice) to decide who gets the final spot.
Fee is $5 per player, winner take all.


So far, C-Royd has agreed to return and manage this section. His choices will include three of his own picks and one wildcard from the qualifiers. More information to come.

Tekken 5:

As soon as I make contact with the Tekken director and the community, the roster will be updated.

have fun…

Concerning the CvS2 qualifier. Of the invited players, if you don’t feel you’re up to it or you don’t want to pay the entry fee please feel free to bow out of the tournmanent. We will run it with less players if need be but I figured these eight would all like their shot.

G3nn vs. Gerjay… That’s gonna be awesome to watch.

Maybe I’ll have to work on my cvs :0

Stephen, you’re not putting yourself in the running?

I don’t want to bother

lol shut up that happens every tourney

Fool… How often do they place for spots for T7? :arazz:

damn its gunna be fun to watch the team 5v5 tourny. cant wait to see them play against each other

Are you gonna leave halfway again?

Why is Tao not the captain this time? Didnt he have the best record last 5v5?


ALSO, when is T7?

cvs2 qualifier for ontario should be open for everyone who wants to try out.

archer’s got a point there actually. tao should ATLEAST get co. cpt (nothing against Samnang or Bry, just that archer’s made a good point)

T7 is July 21-23

YEAAAAAH guys, i should get captain, cuz i’m the best in arm wrestling!!!

LOLOL let’s not start a flame war i’m just joking, last year, captains didn’t even do ANYTHING so i dunno

the only thing i have to say is that for cvs2, what if me and jj tactics is better than all the other players? why can only one of us be on the team?

i think i was the worst player on the 5 on 5 last year… but i still DID make it on, out of everyone who bothered to try to get on…

and last i know of, jjtactics > me in cvs2


hahahaha wtf am i saying anyways, i swear, if i even come to this, it’ll be retarded, cuz they just closed down the two arcades i even go to, my university one, and my local one! $500 to retire in style hahaha hmmmmmm

OK I had a long talk with Wing and I’ll ask the community their thoughts about the CvS2 qualifier.

My thought on the matter was that the eight chosen are the best representatives of the community both from the perspective of being active and their tournament results over the last year. All eight participants have multiple placings in the top 8 of CvS2 tournaments including many top 3’s.

Wing’s perspective is that by making the format invitational, we preclude the possiblity of very talented players like Parry Master Jay, Marvin, Gordon, Luu, etc… from entering and surprising everyone.

So while the final decision is mine and mine alone, I’m very open to arguements and suggestions on the matter.

why, so i can get more money? :rofl:

no, cuz i want to give money out. =p

take out the $15 entry fee then.
if we are playing for the spot of team canada.
why should there be money involved?
to make it more “exciting”?

I say keep the $15 entry fee for all quali tournies and donate a portion of the money to T7.

dis is fucken bullshit
JS Master dun’t even deserves a chance to fight for the marvel spot!?!?!

can i challenge both g3nn and gerjay for the spot in marvel at end of june?