T7: R4 vs CvS2 TT

Stephen and I had a talk a while back about what we should do with the Friday night CvS2 tournament. It was brought to my attention that a Ratio 4 Challenge might be a nice change from the traditional CvS2 Team Tournament. Personally I’d prefer an R4 but after asking a few other players, it was a bit of a split so I’m putting it to the players.


  • Traditional tournament
  • Keeps a strong competitive nature
  • Always nice to team up with your friends


  • We’d need all available machines to run it
  • Can be a logistical mess if the participants are N/A
  • Always have run into issues in later stages when good players are in multiple team tournies


  • It’s proven to be a very fun activity
  • Minimal entry fee with a large upside
  • Very short
  • Would only need one cabinet so the other one(s) can be used for casual


  • The best players can’t be seeded and may face each other early
  • This is a foreign concept to out of towners
  • Some players may only be coming to T7 for the team tournament

So it’s up to the players, I’ll let democracy decide this one.

I would prefer a ryu only 3s tournament but that is just me. (ok just go with r4)

i cant believe im the first one to vote for team tournment.

Wouldn’t this depend on a couple of factors?

  1. Being the amount of cabinets that we have? If we have 2 like the other years, would it be even possible to run both at the same time?

  2. What would the duration of the team tourney be, being that it might be run on a single cabinet? Most of the team tourney’s that I’ve been to seemed to run rather long do the fact that teams were not around. (usually they were eating or whatever, so that can’t be blamed)

  3. And I guess most importantly, how long will orbit stay open for us?

Personally, I would be in favour of the R4 Challenge, it’s just a more relaxed tourney. Yet still lots of fun.

We’re asking for 3 cabinets but if tradition is an indicator, we’ll end up with 2. Logistically it would be impossible to run two CvS2 tournaments on 1 cab a piece. We used both cabs in the last two years and each tourney ended up finishing after 2am each year.

I covered the second point in the pros and cons.

Simon has told me that we have until 3:00am on the Friday and Saturday night though I’m sure none of us want to be there that late.

i voted team tourny, and i can tell im alrdy in for a disappointment


Who wants to watch people scrub out with R4’s @_@

A blanka Vs. A blanka GF in R4… bet it !



i couldnt agree more.
r4 challenge is only good for scrubs.

cvs2 sucks, or I Just suck at it. So I picked which one the cvs2 players would acually like, Team tourny. Sure I would enter R4 challange cause im a scrub, but who wants to see scrubs.

WTF? everyone vote for team tournament
R4 challenge is for scrubs who dunno how to play the game!

I’d be using a R4 in either scenario. I don’t really care.

If you somehow get 3 cabs, run both please. I’ve never played a R4.

If everyone pre-registers and we have most of the bracket work done before the actual tourney. We can just collect fees and start the tournaments. This would allow time for both events.

R4 challenge is actually winning this??? wtf??? not cool…if theres room for both events, k whatever, but to completely take out the team tournament for cvs2???

at least a few sensible ppl are coming into this thread

Fuck R4 that shit is gay and random and only ends up in random people winning cause of time outs, keep it classic :tup:

ya and if ur not a true cvs2 player den dunt’ even vote and ruin the cvs2 player’s fun
cuz only fags wants R4 challenge so they can fluke a win or two

:rofl: If some of you only knew what good players have voted R4 :rofl:

I dont think a players skill is going to change my opinion :zzz:

I see only good players supporting the team tournament so ya.