T7 Team Tournament Results


1st - Empire (Flash Metroid, Xecutioner, JWong)
2nd - Unnamed? (Darkdragon, Jiggabry, Isaac Graham)
3rd - Gamblers (DaFlipMasta, CrazyJ, JJ_Tactics)
4th - Luckfest (ROC, JS Master, g3nn)
5th - Unnamed? (Alex, Dennis Wong, Lord Magnus)
5th - MCR (Matt, Cito, Roger)
7th - Unnamed? (Dee, Joker, Chen)
7th - BlackforceDelta (Poeta, Crazy Penguin, Deathfist)

GG/ 2v2 - 7 Teams

  1. Pad Scrubs (K2, Pui)
  2. Empire (JWong, FlashMetroid)
  3. Nachooooo (Anthony, X-Sapphire)
  4. Team FOB (Ky guy, JS Master)
  5. Team Stephen’s Basement (Tigerlee, DarkDragon)
  6. Punishment (HoHo, Dice)
  7. A (Aiden, Stephen)

Other games to follow.

good shit isaac, jigga and all my other favorite canadians

good shit jj

I"M SORRY ?!?! :confused: :rofl:

Poeta/Crazy Penguin/Deathfist

We should probably just make this an ongoing results thread.

CvS2 was halted just after 1am. There are three teams left (Empire, Ratio1beatdown/JS Master/Prez, and Tylor) and they’ll finish up tomorrow.

I left 3S in losers finals. Empire was facing Burton’s team with Adam B/Dickson/Ack waiting in Grand Finals

Team Toronto beat Empire in Tekken 5. Stephen has the full results. Tekken has a great crowd.

After all the fuss, we ended up with Slash in cabinet after all. Team tournament was still going on. Flash Metroid & Justin Wong were beaten in Winners Semis and I think are still in the 5th place spot until tomorrow.

Great crowd tonight. The scheduling and/or registration was very tight and everything actually started relatively on time (maybe 15 minutes late). We all would have got home at a decent hour if Empire wasn’t spread so thin across multiple games. When Justin is in every winners finals, it can make for a long night.

Just in case people are wondering…

Team Hate finished 4th in CvS2 teams. Screwed up circumstances behind it.

JJ Tactics & Crazy J are bringing the Marvel noise, just like we all hoped.

Lots of out of towners this time around. We’re still waiting on even more out of town players tomorrow/later today.

I’m tired and have to be back for 11:00am. See people tomorrow…

GG/ 2v2 - 7 Teams

  1. Pad Scrubs (K2, Pui)
  2. Empire (JWong, FlashMetroid)
  3. Nachooooo (Anthony, X-Sapphire)
  4. Team FOB (Ky guy, JS Master)
  5. Team Stephen’s Basement (Tigerlee, DarkDragon)
  6. Punishment (HoHo, Dice)
  7. A (Aiden, Stephen)

Last minute Slash cabinet installation = :lovin:
GG to all.

yea, it was a surprise to know slash made it on time
but can i please please please and beg for reinstallation to a machine with SOUND?

well,gg^^ see u guys in sunday’s causal match, when everyone are rest up

Fixed just a little bit.

Where is my pad? and my 1 button FRC =(
Thumbs up for Slash on cabinet


I’m sorry I missed this. Damnit why did I get married and start a family so soon???

I want to PLAY!!!


T7 Friday was amazing

I said i wasn’t going to be at T7 but I don’t leave for cali till sunday morning and i’m going to be busy running my poker room on saturday. So Tonight was the only night where i could really make it out. It sucked not playing in the team tournament. When the tournament actually started, i really really wanted to play. Sucks for me. The 3s team tournament was off the hook. I’ll be at orbit for a few hours tomorrow so i can be in the presence of Freddyloco, the cold-blooded killer.

Edit: Adam B is a fucking beast.

Edit: so is Burton

Whoever is housing Isaac, tell hiim to bring his money tonight so i can take hiim out to a poker game after the tournament. Whoever else is interested in coming ou to play a 4-8L, 1-2NL, 10-20L cash game tonight when the tournament’s done, gimmie a ring 416-562-2618

Teddy, come play poker after the tournament. I wanna see what kinda skills you got

hahah, CVS2 has been without sound for YEARS…get in line buddy!

a tekken friend of mine said. Empire lost in the 3S team finals.

I don’t know which team beat them.

Well its kinda late but i wish luck to Canada and the EMPIRE

well have fun


wtf @ team hate finishing 4th

cvs2 teams top 3:

  1. empire
  2. prez and co.
  3. tylor

Yo Team Hate WTF is up!!! 4th??! Yo y’all better BEAST in singles tourney…I expect nothing less than 100% RAPE !!!