T8: Games/Rules Discussion


I made this thread to see what the players want to be showcased at T8 and what common ground rules there should be for each game.
If you want a game to happen at T8, tell us about it and why.

For example; Alot of people want to have a xvsf tournament.
-What are the basic rules for this tourny?
-should there be a team tournament as well?
-Are macros/button mapping allowed (I’m sure this is the biggest question right now)
-Are infinites allowed (I don’t know I don’t play the game)

Feel free to “discuss” this with each other seeing how I would like to see multiple reasonable opinions.

Also, I’m looking for people to help with donations for console, stick, games etc…
Even if its something as small as one pad, we would really appreciate it. Please pm me regarding this.


OK well since i was asked to run xvsf (begged)
I’m going to go with no 3p 3k. (its going to be on pc)

I’m saying this because its way to unfair for the guys using sticks with no macros. Charactrs like mags storm chun wolve etc because alot easier to use and its just not the same game any more. Sorry if any one had their hopes up for using 3p 3k, but i just cant see it being on the same plane feild if peeps are using 3p 3k in a game that is rediculasly easier with them.


I can bring (or give to someone to take) One TV, one ps2, most capcom fighting games, a VGA adapter, and if someone has a spare RF adapter, another TV.


Remember if you have a serious nomination for a game, consider the following:

  • It must have a director. If you nominate and really want it, you’ll be directing.

  • The game has a 16 player requirement. If you don’t think it can get there, don’t bother.

  • It’s very helpful if someone nominating a side tournament has the means (ie TV + console) to run it.

With that being said, I’m nominating Street Fighter Alpha 3 (Alpha Anthology) as the first official side tournament. I will be happy to direct unless someone else steps up (Tony?) to handle it.

Off the top of my head, I know the following games were mentioned by people in one capacity or another so they’re all up for grabs. Remember what I said beforehand.

X-Men vs Street Fighter (PC ROM)
Marvel vs Capcom 1 (PC ROM)
Garou: Mark Of The Wolves (PC ROM)
Super Street Fighter II Turbo (CCC2)
Hyper Street Fighter II: Anniversary Edition (PS2)
Soul Calibur III (PS2)
Virtua Fighter 5 (PS3)
Guilty Gear Accent Core (PS3)
Vampire Saviour (PS2)
Capcom Fighting Jam (PS2)
Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix (Alpha Anthology)
Hyper Street Fighter Alpha 3 (Alpha Anthology)
Mortal Kombat: Armageddon

I’m sure there are other nominations but those are ones I’ve noted in threads and discussed with me over MSN over the last few months.

As for my donation:

  • 1 TV (27")
  • 1 modded PS2
  • 1 Dreamcast
  • 1 MASstick
  • 1 Hori Real Arcade Pro
  • 1 SF Anniversary Edition pad
  • 1 USB Adapter (for the people using PC, it works for PS2/DC/Saturn controllers)


Oh yeah, I can bring a USB adapter too. My USB + Justin’s USB will let people play Stick vs. Keyboard, Pad Vs. Stick, Pad vs. Keyboard etc.


my usb / ps2 adapter is 4 players.

Christ, svc / rf2 > sc3 / cfj.


I have 1 Dreamcast, 2 Agetec sticks, and a 3-in-1 game with 3S, CvS2, and MvC2 on it…and you can also switch soundtracks on the games…or mix it up…


I am your man for SNK.

King of Fighters XI
NeoGeo Battle Coliseum
King Fighters 98 - 06 (and everything in between)

Of course, I can also offer up mainstream games and I also play Melty Blood Act Cadenza, Rumble Fish (or any FG for that matter). I have a system and a few controllers, so basically you’re going to need your own controllers and/or adapters. If I do indeed hold side tournaments, they will be the same as any G3 Tournament, so, yes, there will be button changing and macros. (Will also be considering Team Tournaments.)


Jay; The Rumble Fish 2 was never released on console.

Wait… was it? Does anyone know for sure because if it was I’d like to get my hands on a copy.

I hate SvC but if it gets 16 players and a director then I don’t see why we can’t allow it.


crosses fingers that someone brings VF5


As far as I know GGAC is only being released on Wii and that’s after T8 so it’s not possible to get AC for T8.

I guess it’s gonna be Slash, I’ll run it as usual and I’ll bring in the hardware for it except for a tv.

K2/Pui will be running MBAC if nobody minds. It’s a fun game and I’m sure we’ll get enough people for it. We’ll have a ps2 for that as well but no tv.



I think lots of characters can compete, and it’s never really been given a chance. Plus, there are already a bunch of alpha players that can play, right?

A3 rules + no CE, no autoguard, no macro+rapidfire.

I can direct.

I can also bring a ps2, games, etc. But I can’t bring a TV. :sad:


Oh yeah, sorry. RF2 has no console and RF1 is still a joke.

MBPC that shit.


No, unfortunately RFII was only arcade. That’s for sure. Here are some rules laydown for some non-mainstream games I’d be considering running:

NeoGeo Battle Coliseum:
Mizuchi, Neo-Dio, Shishi-Oh and Goodman are all banned.
Default timer and game settings.
2/3 Prelims
3/5 Semis
4/7 Finals
Controls are free to be set BEFORE the match starts.

Melty Blood Act Cadenza:
Sion Eltnam Atlasia Infinite is allowed
Default timer and game settings.
Original System will be employed.
2/3 Prelims
3/5 Semis
4/7 Finals
Controls are free to be set BEFORE the match starts.

King of Fighters 2006:
Armor Ralf and Jivatma are banned from tournament play
Team Play Format
Default timer and game settings
2/3 Prelims
3/5 Semis
3/5 Finals
Controls are free to be set BEFORE the match starts.

Rumble Fish:
Greed and Hazama are banned from play.
Default timer and game settings
2/3 Prelims
3/5 Semis
3/5 Finals
Controls are free to be set BEFORE the match starts.

General idea. I could go on and on, but most of the tournaments we run follow the similar format, no point in repeating myself. If you’d like details on a specfic game, just let me know.


Lets have T8 at Orbit


no button mapping, and all glitches/stages/combos allowed. this includes dirty shit like 200%, guard breaks, grabbing, dead weight, cyke, storm and magneto.

also, I’m in for A2 and XvSF.


Apparently, Japanese AC is coming out on May 31st for PS2.


You sir have saved T8. :rock:


Huh, are you guys playing version B on consoles or what? Or do you mean to tell me that they never fixed the infs in console version B?


IIRC, PS2 version is A, not B.