T8 is coming...


Right Click, Save As…

Full details and Trailer to follow in the near future.

Nice. Only a few months away.

Not hype enough. Gonna show up anyway.

Oh shit, console. You know what that means? NFL2k series, Winning Eleven and VF5. No garbage Madden.

This isn’t gamefaqs.

NBA Live 07 side tournament. Arenas is banned.



Awesomeness me and probably all the mtl crew will be there if its console I can say that for sre

I’ll be showing up with some Edmonton Hommies of mine. I’m going to try and bring Jinrai and JJ_tactics with me. GET HYPE BITCHES!!!

Krasshole I’m comming for those MM

JOKER I’m comming for that Toronto xvsf crown. ITS OOOOOOOOOOOON!!!

Good choice of music Justin.


I’ll see whats going on. I prolly can’t come but if I can I’ll be sure to let you guys know

anant - raps raps says:
booze and poker for T8… do it!
-Aristocratic Assassin- says:
T8: Sin city
anant - raps raps says:

Get hype!

Ehh I’d like to go. Its only a few months away right? Ok so if shiro goes I’ll try my best to go as well!!

Whats the word on xvsf at T8? I wanna see this Krasshole guy and Joker play in RL.

:wgrin: MB:AC? :wgrin:

yeaaa T8. I’ll try to make it this year assuming it doesnt fall on the same date as WEMF again.

You and Shiro going to rep xvsf? Shit i guess the real heavy hitter is going to have to come and show you guys how to play xvsf THE RENAGADE IS HEEEEEEEEEEEEERE!

Joker money match nugga put that money up. ANd whos krasshole? Is he good. I;ll MM him to best of 5 30 bucks renagade says wut!

Who else gots some money for me? Roger? Poeta SiD? Holla at the renagade


Haha, seriously?

Good shit!

:lovin: :lovin: :lovin: :lovin:

Master Chibi going to be there? Good you can show me how to make killer avatars =p

Now its on

I’d like to be there yes, I’ll see if I can hitch a ride with Empire, like a stow-away or some shit.


yo F those haters man you gatta have xmvsf at t8 cuz im coming there and u all know thats the game that STILLLLLLL got ur armpits sweating. XMVSF tournys always end up wit a good turn-ups so HOLLLAAAA


This is me hyping up T8, you know you all wanna come to Canada!