T8 Shoutouts

Dunno where else to put this.

This tourney started out slow, but it was still unforgettable.
I went out of my way to make SURE I wasnt directing anything so I could beast casuals, but somehow still got caught in 3s directing.
I just wanted to give a shoutout to a few people
-DD/Pig/NagLock2/G3nn/Nooble for directing and so on
-To all the people that brought shit to make the events run smoother.
-Montreal crew: you guys are INSANE. Freddy is a quiet monster in 3s,and just flat out a beast in cvs2. Same goes for karamba. Next year we rematch hopefully at a time that im not so high I cant see straight. Ranaku dont retire 3s, we got to still run our mm!
-Prez: a special fuck you to you for raping me in singles.
-Noodle: threw that game totally for free. I’ll get revenge
-Ottawa crew: Jay NASTY! motherfucken always good to see you. We’ll run our shit next time for sure. And the rest of Ottawa for bringing the hype. Dee that was a crazy money match, we’ll run it again :smiley:
-Justin Wong: every major i go into, i tell myself im gonna figure what it is you do thats different from every other player in EVERY game. Then i forget and im back to square one :frowning: Good shit seeing you, stop taking canada’s moneys
-To the TOSF crew for the shirts and the good times.
-To anyone I forgot: thanks for a good safe tournament.

ps: ottawa weed is killer.

ps: i came 7th or so in 3s, teddy you owe me 10 bucks. give me 5 of it and the other 5 to gerjay so he unblocks me from msn. much love.

I guess I’ll do this while it’s fresh in my mind.

Stephen: Thanks once again for acting as a General Manager for the T tourney.

Nathan: I can’t thank you enough for all the hard work you put in. The registration setup, running Marvel, helping out in every little way that was asked of you.

Tommy: Thanks for running what will go on record as the biggest 3S tourney ever in Toronto.

Jason: I think you’re the only person with so much drive for CvS2 that you could run that insane tournament. A big thanks for all of your time and patience on that one.

Nazir: Thanks for running Guilty Gear. It’s great to see your scene is growing so much.

Kevin: A big thanks for getting the ball rolling on the OG games. Those tournaments were probably the most fun I had all weekend with some really hype stuff in there.

Shiro: A big thanks for bringing together just about everyone of worth in the Canadian XvSF scene for the tournament. It looked like you guys had some great times over there.

Joseph: Much thanks for bringing so many people together and running Melty Blood. I didn’t get a chance to see much of it but it looked like you guys were having a great time.

Russell/Barry: Thanks for running Tekken 5. You guys always bring the big noise for that tournament. I heard team finals were sick, I’m looking forward to seeing them.

Annie: You are the super stamper. Thanks for your help on Friday evening. It was greatly appreciated.

Brett: Thanks for your dedication to the scene. You were there ridiculously early each day and helped out whenever you could.

VDO: Always awesome to see you man. Our Money Match was SIIIIIICK. “I can smell a throw coming.” HAHAHA! I hope you and your crew had a great time and a safe trip home.

Justin Wong: You never cease to amaze. I don’t know what else we could have thrown at you in 3S to stop you. Thanks for coming up and having so many great games with everyone.

Arturo: Always love talking that mad shit with you. Why are you so Godly? OH… MY… GOD!

Jim & Stephan: Thanks for coming in from Winnipeg. Jim it was great to see you again. I’m glad we actually got to chill this time around. Lots of fun times. Stephen it was a pleasure meeting you bro. Keeping working at CvS2 and don’t forget the stuff I taught you.

Montreal Crew: Big thanks for coming down. I know you guys had some issues sorting things out before you came and I was afraid you weren’t going to show up at all. Always a pleasure chilling with you and GG’s to the few of you I actually got to sit down and play between running around all weekend.

Freddy: Special shout out to you. Man you have stepped your game up in every which way. Don’t be disheartened by how things went in CvS2. There’s only one Justin Wong. The rest of the world would eat up that nasty K Groove rushdown for free.

Ottawa Crew: Damn guys, you play soooooo much XvSF. I would pop over and see what’s up every so often and it’s just nasty combos all day. As usual, you guys brought the mad hype in all kinds of matches. Always good verbal sparring with Tak at random times. I hope you guys had a great time and hope you had a safe trip back home.

RTL & Teyah: Much thanks for coming across the country for this tournament. You two really do have the spirit of the fighting game players. I hope you found lots of stiff competition and made some new friends out here. It was a pleasure to meet you.

Spence: Big thanks for coming all the way up from Philly. It’s always great to see you and I was happy to talk about old times and get some real indepth ideas in how Alpha 3 works while I was taping Grand Finals. I hope you had fun bud.

Nassim: It was great to see you after three years. It was your hard work back in the day and paved the way for me in the present to make the T tournament was it is now. I hope you had fun seeing all the old faces.

It’d take forever to give shout outs to all the local players out there. Leave it to say I’m happy and humbled by the amount of players from the GTASF that came together for this massive tournament. There were so many nutty matches across so many games. I hope a lot of players learned from this experience and elevate their games accordingly.

On a final note to everyone reading, some people know and some don’t but this is my last tournament both as a director and as a player. This was a decision I made about four months ago and has nothing to do with burnout or any of the usual excuses. It’s just time for me to move on. I wanted to thank everyone for making my last organized tournament something I can look back on fondly. It was our biggest event for amount of games and amount of people in the four years I’ve run this tournament and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you everyone.

Well, I’m at the Super 8 still…on that computer that didn’t seem to log out of Justin’s account lol. Don’t worry though I logged you out. Well here’s what I’ve got to shout out to:

Nagata: Shit man, I’m glad we came by this year with some good representation from Winnipeg. Thanks for driving us around and stuff. Food was great around this area. I’ll keep shit talking, as it keeps things more exciting. I hope your last T tournament was an awesome one, and I’m glad I was able to help and stuff for your last tournament ever. Oh and btw “Did you put them in the fridge?” :rofl:

Stephen: Thanks for keeping things at T8 real. Was a pleasure to see you again man. Even though we didnt’ really chill out, you were cool and calm even during the panicked times (aka thinking about how to get the tables). Hope to see you next year man.

Jason aka Noodleman: You made me believe that CvS2 is actually an interesting game…too bad I won’t pick it up lol. Sorry dude lol, I’m no pot filler. I’ll see you in IRC and stuff.

Quan, Howard, and Anant: Thanks for showing me that cheap breakfast place, it was pretty damn good. Note to Anant, eat less protein and more fibre…you’re going to shit out stones man. Note to Quan: Congrats on beating out JS to get 4th in MvC2, you deserve it!

Shiro: You mother fuckin XvSF beast man, I’m glad we finally got to meet in person man, hope you had a safe trip back to Edmonton, we’ll try to make it out to Edmonton next year man. Keep up the scene over there.

Ottawa Crew: Tak especially, shit talking about the Peg scrubs, we ain’t scrubs biatch, Ottawa has nothin on the Peg lol. I can’t remember what the other guys names were, but thanks for showing that I need work with my ST Sim. Keep on shit talking and side betting that shit.

Jay: Retiring? Come on man, you are the parry master man, you can’t quit. Thanks for teachin me to use 1,2,3 and c.FP for certain people. We’ll have a money match next year though, keep playin though man. Popeye’s Chicken ftw lol

Cruxay: You’re another guy I need to thank for all the tips and coaching you did for me during my matches and before hand, even though you beasted me in our tournament match, I still got you at the end with Chun. Winnipeg’s Best Dudley man, BEST!

Antoine: Way to beat me without Jab or Short on the cabinet lol…although I had my rounds too lol. You also helped me with my game alongside Jay and Cruxay. Like I said to Jay, I’ll try to incorperate it for next year. Who knows, I may money match you next year.

Brett: WTF man, keep that screwdriver away from me. Thanks for taking my money away from me lol. Keep at it man, hopefully we’ll meet up again next year man.

Kevin: Thanks for running the A2 tournament and stuff. It was a pleasure meeting you and just chillin at the Cove. I hope we’ll face eachother one day in ST or something.

Josh aka JED: Dude, keep up your game lol, you’ll be beasting, thanks for the hotel stuff man. Hopefully next year we’ll deal with the money more carefully. Good to meet you too man. Thanks again.

Tommy and Brandon: We didn’t get to chill that much like last year. But thanks to Tommy for running 3S well and to Brandon for driving me to Toys R’ Us to pick up a new PS2. Maybe I’ll see you guys this friday at PMall.

Nassim: Your talk about how you ran the T tournaments a while ago will make me look at how I will run my tournaments in the future. I’m glad that what you started has been able to bring even the smallest scenes out.

WB!: Good to meet you man, I’d hope we got to play a bit more ST, but I was so into the 3S that I didnt’ get to lol. Well, maybe next year man.

Well I think that’s most of everyone that I could possibly think of. I think I’m going to put my custom stick away for now, since everyone gangbanged it during the tournament. If you don’t know which one it was, it was the Transformers, white stick, and no Brandon, it does not suck, you just were not having a good day or you just were a scrub lol :rofl: j/k man. You beat me with just THREE moves remember that.

Thanks again from the Korean Winnipeg “Scrub”

Hey, what about us? The Legendary Johnson Brothers. We came a long way for this. It’s not easy especially for us.:sad:

Much love to the big man Nagata Lock, you went out in style father.

Noodleman didnt get to cool out alot this time but you was runnin cvs so its all good homie we catch up next time.

Cyrus i wont retire, ill practice. Im ready for when yall come up.

Montreal: you know how i feel about you guys, always love brothers.

Psychochronic, nice to meet you man, you good people gg’s in Alpha 2.

Shiro good job in xmen man we catch up when u pass through Ottawa again.

VDO: was real man, enjoyed myself big dog. Stay up.

To everyone that attended: Thanks for making this tournament some of the most fun i have had in a very very long time, just a bunch of people getting together enjoyin themselves without all kinds a bullshit. Well done all. Congrats to all the Champions.

safe travels.


cyrus, you know you just choked against me cause you’re too afraid. sorta like how i couldn’t activate against JS :sad:

A big fuck you goes to JS for me scrubbing out. I had you that last match if i could only hit two buttons at the same time! and Freddy for raping me silly.

Props to the MTL and Ottawa crew…it’s hard to find people in TO other than JS that actually enjoys playing CvS2 haha. Sorry I beasted on most of you though HAHAHA. Don’t blame me though, A-groove is cheap.

Props to Karamba/Freddy/JWong/Cyrus for helping me find people for matches.

Props to Stephen for kicking people off the TV and finding that extra copy of CvS2 so I could actually run the tournies.

Props to James for providing all the hardware (no homo).

The random trash talking was too good. even during causals :rofl:


Nagata Lock - Great tourney, sad to see you go, :frowning: …(youll be back)

Arturo - Good shit man nice meeting you and nice seeing those xmen auto block skills!

Justin Wong - Beasted me at ST, ill be back ^^ hope to match you again in the future

Joker, Poeta, Roger - always a pleasure seeing you guys and getting the chance to hang out, poeta sorry about sabretooth gaying you :stuck_out_tongue:

Pyschochornic - keep that ST scene going, good money match and hope to play you again sometime soon

Gerjay and Jigga - thanks for telling me how much xmen sucks :stuck_out_tongue: much love to the both of you

Toronto SF crew- nice seeing you all again it was a great tournament and im sure we’ll all see each other again in the near future,

MTLSF - always good to see you freddy, great ST match and awesome placing,

Ottawa crew - Tak, ehsan, jay, dee, ryad, and everyone that showed, thanks for the support, you guys keep me playing

Ahmed - funniest human on the planet, BBB? BBB? BBB? NO MR SIMPSON NOOOOOOOOO

Boringryu and Pereria - always a pleasure, i dont think i laughed so much in my life on the way to the tournment, the deminiralize incident almost made me have a heart attack.

and last but not least,

Steve and Owen, (Shiro and DR) - Thanks a ton for coming down, i always got your guys backs some day ill come to edmonton i swear! ^^

Thanks above all to Justin and Stephen for doing the organizing. Major props to all the tourney directors who stepped up.

Huge thanks to John(chronic) for housing us in Sauga for the weekend.

GGs to all I played.

Great to see Cyrus, Crux, Annie, Darren and any other York people I used to play when I lived in Toronto.

Awesome to play Spence, Kevin and Brett in ST again. Once or twice a year just isn’t enough.

Great to play Prez in A3. Wish I’d given you a much better challenge in the tourney. Had fun matches with Arturo in ST. Couldn’t come out on top in LF, but I’m at least glad I fought it better than I did in the winner’s bracket match.

GGs to that guy who didn’t show up for my first round 3S match and got DQ’d. Meh, I would have kicked your ass anyways. :wonder: kidding…kidding…

Keep rocking the Transformers stick, Jim-Kim.

Good to meet Shiro, Fong?(Balrog player from Montreal), Ottawa people, anyone else I’m inevitably forgetting.

Random Fob KBBQ Waiter > Random Rey

Always a good feeling to know Kin wants to kill me.

God tier: Wall jumping with Chun out of the corner over Dhalsim’s super
Top tier: Dhalsim’s flame super in the corner
Shit tier: Jumping backwards and doing Chun’s mk into Dhalsim’s flame super in the corner FIVE times in one match not learning that it would be better to wall jump over the super instead despite having two people yell it at me repeatedly.

Nice meeting everyone.

Lol arturo I saw you checking over your rep points while on one of the computers behind the xvs computer.

But damn, I got owned so many times during that one day.

-got off 7 stops early -_-
-they had initial d 3 on FREE PLAY and I didn’t bring my card.
-i lost every mvc2 game i play :o
-some guy told us that the aarcade is closing and i didn’t get a chance to play arturo so i had to meet up at his hotel.
-right as i get into the back of the car i get a MAJOR leg cramp.
-we couldn’t figure out how to get out of the parking lot for 10 minutes.
-bus ride to aruto/j wong/other’s motel took 1 hours to get there.
-when we get there my keyboard ended up being to old to connect up to their laptops so we only got to play casuals.
-then there was no bus to go home because it was 4AM and so me and samir had to taxi cab ride home.
-now heres the really ownage part… $57.50 for a taxi cab ride!!1

thats about it.

A big thank you to Justin for remaining in the game for so long and supporting the Canadian SF and fighting game scene. The location was perfect, too bad the place closes at 11pm…Popeye’s makes up fo that though…they need to open one in Mtl asap.

Also, major props to Stephen, Jason and Tom for putting together well paced tournaments. Jason gave me the impression that Cvs2 singles wasnt even going to happen on Saturday, good thing it went through in the end.

It was great seeing VDO again…guy, u and ure random r2. Anti-Airs seem obsolete to u. Until next time bro

To the Ottawa Crew, u guys are too fuckin funny. Dee pulling a Spellmaster J throughout the tourney and the random trash talks instigated by Tak, along with the casuals and smoking up in the hotel rooms were good shit.

Great seeing the TOSF crew and hopefully u guys will organize another event like this sooner than T9. 3s will never die in TO from the looks of it, while CVS2 needs a revival…though i dont see it happening unfortunately.

Casual games were always fun…Jap sticks are my kryptonite…I HAVE NO IDEA how u guys manage to play with ure stick on ure lap. wtf…

Good seeing and smoking up with Sabin again … that money match betwen u and Js was retarded. Random chilling and conversations with Cyrus, Alex, Adam, Melvin, Wing, Ian and the Ottawa crew outside made my teeth yellow…too bad team NYC talked shit rather than hooked us up with toothpaste, but alas, it is in the end our own fault for not bring some in the first place.

Until Next time

No problem, happy to help out. I really wish HNK would’ve went but oh well. Please release whatever you taped instead of holding it back like the last two T tourneys.

Defintely dude. Keep practcing ST/3S and bring more Winnipeg players next year.

Thanks for letting me in the spliff Sunday afternoon. After seeing Ottawa play A2, I just wanna learn it now. GG’s man, that P-Groove’s a hassle to fight.

Good money matches in ST! Ottawa can learn a lot of ST/A3 from Familyman. I’d like a shot at his Honda next year.

Word to big bird.

MTL Crew: Good shit coming here and Freddy beasting in CvS2/3S. I wish Mass, Ajmal and BK would’ve shown up. Psychokid is a beast in ST.

Ottawa Crew: Never have I seen so much A2/3S/XvSF and a wide variety CvS2 played out. Good shit holding it down and also the random shit-talking inside in the games and outside having cigs.

G3 Crew: Good shit holding it down in GGXXAC/MB.

Shiro: Good shit coming from Edmonton. I’ll be back to stomp that Chun-Li in ST. Oh, I told you there was another Chun-Li better than mine in the ST tourney!

Sabin: good shit holding it down in ST/A3. A smoke break isn’t a smoke break without you. Good luck in SBO5.

Well, I’m sorry who I forgot and I’m very tired, even waking up from a 20-hour sleep. Here are the pics I took and I hope to see more players come next year.

Big thanks to Nagata for organizing T8 and Stephen and g3nn for overseeing the event.

Thanks to Stephen, Cyrus, Andrew for helping me direct 3s

Good seeing all the familiar faces from out of town (Freddy you’re a fucken beast in 3s)

Thanks to everyone who brought out equipment for us to use (Quan your TV is beast)

Big ups to all the 3s players with generic team names and aliases making it a bitch to find them for matches

YellowS4: you’re so useless, can’t even beat Justin Wong twice in one tourney and can’t even lead our team to at least 3rd

Chong, Willis, Chen LLP: Thank you for your legal advice

Jim Kim: You’ve improved a lot since last year but I know you can be much better

JS Master: Thumbs up for you getting slaughter by fellow shanghainese justinw

Chun: You made Justin worry about your chun, what a beast

Fireman: Big ups for whatever you did and living at wonderland

Justin Wong: You’re such a beast in 3s, I hope next time we meet I’ll be able to play you

Downtown players: Thanks for coming up and representing, next year make sure samir brings his pussy ass up

Dogberry: Thanks for running two of my fav games

Thanks to everyone who came out to T8, especially the 3s players who still keep the 3s community strong.

Props to Nagata Lock II for running this once again. Sad to here your leaving; but you have to stop at some point. Hope to see you make some appearances at tourney’s in the future though.

Shoutouts to the Mtl crew that came down. Always cool chilling with you guys. Freddy and Julien - keep the scene up. You guys get better and better everytime I play you. We’ll have some more tourney’s in Ottawa for Freddy to steal our money in…or will he?

Shoutout’s to the TO crew. Nearly every 3rd Strike player I randomly talked to was mad chill.
JS Master - good good games man. It’s always close between us - I scrubbed out on that last match though…
Pschochronic - nice meeting and kicking back with you.
MythicExile - always good. Glad we smoked that Ottaronto J. Got me pretty blazed…
Noodleman - Thank you for running CvS2. Good matches as usual.
PokeGuy - I like your style…K Groove that shit. You reminded me to pick up Hibiki again.
You guys should come down for CvS2 tourney and casual. If Mtl comes we can probably get 15 or more good players entered (I can probably house you guys as well).

What happened to the MM’s??? I was going to use S-Groove too…

XvSF players (Shiro, DarkRenegade, Joker, Ex_Matt, Roger, Mystic-God) Keep it up man. we love this game in Ottawa and it’s good to find others who share this.
Sorry I wasn’t over there; but I probably hate lag more than anyone. I don’t play on infinites and comboes - just on reaction punishes and SF tactics. Pretty much renders me useless on the emulators…

EDIT: Forgot to mention VDO. Good games man - you’re P-Groove is crazy as are the characters you choose. Props.

nice pics chron

I spent most my time playing turbo blanka on the broken side of the HSF machine. or potentially ST claw on the working side. Or smoking. Shout out to everyone. Good shit with the pics psychochronic.

^ you were playing it too? did you see a black guy there playing as Chun Li? and did you say he got greedy? I probably saw you!

  • Big shoutouts to Dice01 and his gay Baraka smile during the Team tourney, Jeebus, DG, Quan for the shirt, Lawson for owning me in A2-3, and Lock for a sweet ass retirement party. I would like to help out for the next T tourney in some way, shape or form if that’s possible.

btw…who the heck is Bearrama? :looney:

:tup:Funny stuff Bear but unfortunately, you typed this in the wrong thread.:sad:

…that almost went well.:sweat: