T8 : Which GG game do you prefer?

This is simply a poll to see what GG game people who are attending T8 will join. Which version of the game would you join? Slash, AC, or both?

Give some support for your decision. For example, myself, I prefer AC because it’s the newer release, I’m getting bored of Slash, and will probably only be joining AC. Given a choice to join both tournaments, I would only join AC because the changes between the two revisions are huge and I don’t want that to be messing me up when I play one match in one game and then play a match in the other game. I also do not want to be practising my characters for T8 in both versions of the game, I find that retarded to be practising 2 different versions of your character for nearly the same game engine.

Keep in mind that when you vote for Slash, you are implying the possibility of joining both Slash singles and teams. Likewise, if you vote for AC, you are implying the possibility of joining both AC singles and teams. If you vote for both, I’m not sure what the teams aspect of that is going to work out, that’s up to the T8 organizer - DarkDragon.

Oh shit, stipulations and implications.


No button mashing.


I prefer ac but I will join both just to support the game, / is a good game after all
If u ppl decided to play ggxx and #R also, I will join all 4 of them ^^b

after evo east i will be only playing ac only, both games are too different for my characters, my skills will be fuck up since there are so many spacing and set ups to follow =\

O…please only record ac matches …I do not want oversea players to laugh at Canadian ggxx because we are so outdated. Posting slash video in 2007 is just retarded. =v=

There is no Accent Core team tournament on the schedule right now.

I’m aware of that. The thread was made as a result of a discussion with Stephen so there’s no misunderstanding.

i’ll join both but after evo east i’ll be playing only AC as well because the changes to the game system overall and my character are huge, which is why i think the team tournament should be made to AC instead of slash since it should probably be our main event instead.

I vote Slash. I’ve had a chance to try AC and it is fun to play, but it’s way too hard to actually practice anything new or experiment when you’re always facing top players in ONT and paying 75 cent a match. Plus the games is so different that you’ll have to take the time to learn how to block every chars new pressure strings, high/low/unblock moves and all the new games mechanics: throwbreak, slashbreak etc… If you don’t live near LG, it will be impossible to learn all that new shit in time. Especially if you’re like me and still struggling with basic XX stuff like air throwing and instant blocking.

I’ll still join both regardless.

I would defenitely play both.

ac will be realease on may 30th

lots of time to practise before T8, we all have equal times to adapt this new game
if the only reason why u are not joining becuz u havn’t master the game, none of us will be able to join tournament
plus, by playing tournament u get to improve faster

if ur gonna join both regardless… dont put slash as ur vote -_-
the question is which version will u join, not which version u prefer.

ur cool buddy

The thread is called “Which GG game do you prefer”…

…and I voted both.


of coz im not trying to be a jackass or anything, i just want the poll results to reflect what is actually wanted and what is not by the GG players. =P

THE POLL asked which game you will enter, I said both. THE THREAD asked which game you prefer (as the main event I presume), I said Slash and gave my reasons.

Its cuz Sapphire did the poll wrong.
It should ave been:
Only AC
Slash & AC

wheres “neither”?
fucken nazis


Well guys the question has always been what’s the difference between calling which version will be the ‘main’ game?

Aside from the registration fee, I would think the logical solution would be that if people vote for AC more than Slash, the team tournament should be done on AC. People who vote for both would join regardless of what version is used. Clearly there is no reason NOT to have a singles tournament for both, since this is a national and overlooking slash for 1.5 month old AC will disappoint people. But having a team tournament for both IMO is just silly and repetitive.

And sorry for the misleading thread title, but it is actually a poll on what you actually plan on joining.

The poll is public and you can see who voted for what by clicking on the numbers. I’ve noticed some unfamiliar names, please only vote if you’re actually joining. And it would help if you explain your choice as well, there must be a reason to your preference right?

But you actually voted Slash on THE POLL.