T8 : Which GG game do you prefer?

Just to clarify with everyone:

Stephen and I have already agreed there will not be two team tournaments. There is no room in the schedule for it and I’m not making adjustments on a whim.

Awsome, couldn’t ask for a better birthday gift. :party:

this thread should be taken as something like
Should there be a Team tournament for Slash or AC
vote on slash or AC
nazir fails to make polls =P
but whatever

Goddamn it. Well I guess if the poll is in regards to team tourney now and i’m not joining AC team tourney, my slash vote works out after all :wgrin:

P.S Cryptopsy >>> Nile :devil:

Way to make a fool out of yourself.

Seriously. It’s common knowledge that everything > Nile.

That was uncalled for.

‘Amongst the Catacombs of Nephren-Ka’ is the only album they did that can match anything of Cryptopsy’s. With the excepetion of ‘None so Vile’ of course which just simply cannot be matched …ever …by any extreme band :bgrin:

Annihilation of the Wicked disagrees.

260bpm double bass? Yes please.

300bpm LIVE Cryptopsy drum solo??? Damn right!!!

Edit: Although NOBODY can beat a nicely drugged up John Bonham, even with only 1 kick drum and no drum sticks.

plz keep this thread on topic -_- at least pretend ur serious

so who wants to be the partner of BBTO?

(yes i noe its off topic) :looney:

u know whats funny?
the moment i saw that you replied to this thread
i already know its either

  1. ur flaming me
  2. ur doing something against what i’ve said

predictable scrub =P
this is exactly why i predict all ur counters


You need a marble or granite table top instead.

i vote Cattle Decapitation because they pwn all. ( i don’t know why i voted both… AC all the way… too much heroin)

now to get back on topic. 300bpm live double bass is not possible - tim waterson is probably the only person who has done it, it is very difficult to actually register each strike even with triggers on your bass drum. 280bpm seems to be maximum speed that ppl can clearly hear on tracks, shows etc.


Well, due to the “ENORMOUS” amount of votes, AC takes dominance and will be the main gg game for singles & teams. If there is any interest for a slash singles (IE: 8-16 players), we can add that as a side.
May God have mercy on your souls.


cheerz~ ac as offical gamefireworks