T9 afterthoughts

T9 is done and was actually successful outside of the arcade. There were a good deal of good things and bad. Here?s my rant on things I thought were ridiculous.

Alot of communities outside of GTASF came down with a force despite the short notice. Average trip took between 2-10hrs.

Only a decent amt of GTASF players actually attended. Take a look at the 3s results for example. Only 7 fucking people from Toronto entered. Do you know what the main excuse was? “It was too far” Get the fuck outta here.

Good: Alot of people donated equipment and games were done before midnight which was the fastest since T2.

Bad: Most donators came when they wanted even when I asked for everyone to come early so we could set everything up quick and get things going.

Good: Donators came

Bad: Not all the donators came.
Ok this is what I really don’t get. If you “confirm” that you are going to bring something, make sure you are 99% positive you can. I know it?s impossible to be 100% but if you know you can’t help out last min, LET the director know!
EX: Missing TVs and ps2s…Melty Blood…

Good: Dqing a player for their own foolishness

Bad: DQing a player for playing in another tourny match.
I didn’t realize till later that this shit was happening. You do not DQ a player cuz they have to play in another tourny. You have to exercise proper bracket management. The ONLY exception to this if the player has an official tourny match and a side tourny match and the player wants to play the side match. NO. We are not going to wait for a side tounry while the official tounry can’t make progress. NO. DQ his ass if he does that.
If you have “multi” gamers in you bracket, make them go 1st but do not hog them. It?s also the player?s responsibility to make sure he lets the organizers know that he?s due for other games.
This leads me to…

Good: Organizers were communicating with me

Bad: The organizers weren?t communicating with each other. Its simple, if we aren’t communicating with each other, player and bracket management suffers and we have ppl running around doing their own shit, fucking each other over. EX: tekken vs xvsf vs mvc2.

Good: people sharing their sticks and other equipment.

Bad: people not keeping track of what they share and the ppl who received were not being responsible. I?m going to be dead serious here; alot of the shit stolen could have been prevented if people took more precautions. If someone wanted to use my stick, I asked: “who and where”. TVs and consoles are one thing but sticks and converters are things that can disappear the moment you turn your back.
People who lend:
If you lend your stick to someone, make sure you know who is using it (they could be lending it to someone else for all you know) and where they are taking it.
People who borrow:
If you borrow something, show some fucking respect and make sure you’re in possession of it the whole fucking time. None of this “oh let me set this down for a minute durrr” or “durr sure you can borrow this stick that I borrowed off some guy”. NO fuck you buy your own stick if you want to be careless. This is why shit was stolen.

Good: People paying for the site fee and tourny fees.

Bad: People that didn’t.
I know exactly who paid the site fee and who didn’t. I also know a few ppl who didn’t pay for some tourny fees which ended in me fronting the fees with the site fee cash. I’d just like to say you all knew about the site/tourny fees and not paying it was an insult. Fuck you poor ass pricks. Let?s see you try that shit next year.

Good: tournies started at least an hour (in some cases 2) after the official run time

Bad: People that don’t understand why. Do I really need to tell you why? OK

  1. Not all the equipment was there for the respected game.
  2. Players would show up on the expected run time.
  3. Players would show up after the expected run time.
  4. Do I have to keep going?

Next year, if I plan on doing this again there?s going to be a few changes:
I’ll need a reliable partner who is going to stay with me to the end everyday and shoulder some of the responsibility. No fucking way will I stay at a venue from 9:30am to 5:30am doing all the work again. Funny thing was it was supposed to be a joint partnership this year.
I will still be asking for equipment (strictly consoles and TVs), but I won’t be asking people to donate sticks or any other type of human interface devices (lol). I want people to bring those devices for their own use and if they want to bring extras for other people, cool. Just make sure those people aren’t retarded.
I’ll take people’s opinions on the venue/location as well.

Well that?s it; I just wanted to let some of that out. Thank you all who supported the scene and I hope we can do better than ever next year.

Hopefully, you caught my post where I said I could no longer attend. If not, my bad. :shake:

I think for next year there really should be better management for registration fees. It’s much easier if everyone pays their site fee and all the fees for the games they are entering the moment that they enter the venue, instead of having some people pay up front and then leaving the host for the respective tournament run around and get the money from the others, then having to check if the people paid their site fee before registering them for a game. It’s not something I’m complaining about that I had to do, I’m used to going around getting the fee anyway, but it makes things unorganized and people still snuck out from paying fees and still entered tournaments as you noticed, so the money being lost is your own. So next year, the moment people enter the venue the first time, they should pay the site fee and fees for registration for all the games they’re entering at once.

And yeah it was pretty sad to see a bunch of local players not showing up because it’s too far.

Also I don’t mind staying behind to help clean up next year, but I would have to be offered a ride home. :bgrin:

Damn Stephan, I’m pretty peeved that I didn’t get to make it this year, but I’m pretty sure you would have had some help from the Manitobans if we showed up. Even though some bad things happened, you seemed to have done a good job.

i kinda thought that the 3s numbers were low. 41 from 61 last year, then i looked at who entered and was like ??? some of those people who entered 3s don’t even play the game.

The xvsf pot was $35 short for singles. I really don’t know who didn’t pay. I asked every single person there if they payed. Yet the pot was still short. Lmx and I were the only people who touched that money. I’ve known Narith for a number of years and he doesn’t need to steal a petty amount of money, nor do I.

I’m not pointing fingers at the people who were in charge of the event. But I KNOW that tournament pots wouldn’t have sufferd the way they did had directors had the money from the get go. It also makes shit easier. after they had the money given to them first had names written down, THEN gave the money back to the people in charge, things would be a lot less confusing.

No hate on the location, but holy jesus! That place was hotter then the center of the sun. Nothing makes you feel like playing games then a bunch of sweaty dudes body order flying threw the air.

It was fun but just the venue sucked the theifs sucked harder and the way the money handled its self

people who enter multiple tournaments are doing the gaming community a favour by keeping the games alive and shit by showing their support and joining.

if anyhting, ppl should be praised for entering multiple games not disqualified.

money short in the pot is not uncommon. You guys act like it’s unheard of. Justin, how familiar with this are you?

Yeah I hope you caught my earlier post in the T9 donations thread about me and Psychochronic’s tv’s and such not being there on Saturday.

As for me being late on Sunday and coming at around 11:30 instead of 10am, yeah I slept in after going to sleep at around 3am in the morning watching Dawn of the Dead, which by the way is an incredibly shitty movie like all the rest of the recent horror movies and served to remind me why I shouldn’t waste my life watching them.

Mind you nothing was really happening that required equipment till a few hours later anyway and on top of that my tv and ps2 weren’t needed or used. Still yeah next year I’ll definitely come earlier if I donate again.

It’s a shame that I live so far away though otherwise I would have helped clean up the garbage at the end. I took one look at the multiple bags and pyramids and said to myself:“Hmm, I have a feeling that Darkdragon and maybe one other guy is gonna be left to clean this shit up.” I had to take other people and their equipment home then drive 2 hours so I had to leave when I did.

As for the venue being hot don’t worry about that. If anything people are lucky this event happened and in the end showed their appreciation by actually coming to it despite the short notice and distances invovled.

Don’t be afraid to be a nazi about registration and tourney fees. Next year get people to line up and cough out the cash before they sit down to play. Your also gonna need help to do that. For cautions sake, make sure you have columns for both the entrants real names and SRK screen name/ Nerd name/ School nickname/PrisonBitch name etc.

People gotta understand that the scene is coasting in the middle of the Perfect storm on a shitty life preserver with holes in it as it is. These tourneys aren’t charities so people gotta open up their wallets/vaults/piggy banks/pig skin pouches or w/e and cough up some dough.

About the thiefs at the venue. All I can say is get a job. Seriously. Manage your finances right and stop spending it on junk and buy yourself some quality sticks.

Overall I have to say that on such short notice, the event and venues were very adequate and the organizer and directors really held it together well. Good show gentlemen, good show.

We all know I love threads like this because I get to talk a lot…

This was the biggest issue so let’s settle up. The directors this year were in a terrible spot to collect money from the players. In principle it works great because you see people come in the door but when it gets hectic you lose track of people and then it becomes a mess. The key is to isolate the entry of the players and get ALL SINGLES MONEY UP FRONT. You collect the site fee and they get a stamp. After that you collect all singles tournament fees in one shot. I had texted Stephen with this exact suggestion on Saturday while I was away because I feared this very situation would come up and sure enough it did. If people pay up front on Day 1, they have the incentive to show up on Day 2. Further to the point, the original thread for TX should be amended to say there are no refunds after registration fees are taken.

I’m not talking about venue, I’m talking about location. I’ve noticed a very simple rule when it comes to the GTASF. The west end travels. The east end doesn’t. I don’t blame the players in Richmond Hill/Markham because frankly they’ve had all the arcades close by for years and probably feel they shouldn’t have to get in a car for upwards of an hour to get somewhere in the GTA. The west end players are used to the drive, and while it’d be nice to have a spot central to everyone, it really just doesn’t work. What I would suggest for TX is a spot no further west than Yonge Street, no further south than Englinton and no further north than Highway 7. The west end players will make the same trek and the east end players will show up and bolster the numbers.

I know people were complaining about the heat. The problem comes with the fact that if you get a larger air conditioned venue then the money needed to pay for it skyrockets. When Stephen got the venue he couldn’t have anticipated the sauna effect. I got there around noon and couldn’t believe how cool the place was. It was pumping out the cool air and I was really happy with the temperature. I didn’t actually venture out of the venue for about four hours and it’s only after I went back in that the heat hit me. It’s not Stephen’s fault for picking a bad venue, the place in principle was awesome with the right spacing, lots of chairs, lots of tables, air conditioning and two floors. Next year we’ll have to find a venue of similar proportions, definitely bigger in size, to settle that issue up.

Simply put, I’ll be working with Stephen for TX and the first thing I’m going to suggest is finding a venue that supplies their own TV’s. There are lots of hotels with business amenities and a hall that can accomodate both situations. It’ll cost more but it will eliminate the equipment problem. After that it comes down to consoles and that’s a lot easier to manager than consoles + TV’s. On a related note, TX is going to have a major issue in that we are going to need way more PS3’s and X-BOX 360’s. At the very least we’ll be adding Street Fighter 4, Street Fighter HD, Soul Calibur 4 and Tekken 6. That means we’ll need AT LEAST 6 PS3’s and 2 XB0X 360’s. I don’t even know the situation as it concerns that new VS Capcom game or Blazblue but I assume they’re all going to end up on PS3. I know people don’t like messing with their precious new systems but we all want to play the new stuff and will have to suck it up. Odds are I’ll be buying whatever console has the best version of all four games within the next six months.

Short notice crippled our outside interest. I’m not going to harp on it because the fact of the matter is Stephen stepped up whereas everyone else would have sat on their hands. I’m back doing promotion this year and everyone will see a major difference. I already have the TX logo almost completed from a friend in graphic design. I’m hoping to work with Stephen on getting new or at least logo/date updated avatars. I’ll be at Seasons Beatings III to make a hard push and get the word out. TX will be our biggest event ever.

Hold onto your gear. I hate thieves but I hate listening to the same theft story. If you leave your gear lying around and it gets taken you have to take responsibility for your own negligence. I’m guilty of leaving stuff on the ground. I’ve left multiple sticks and different gear. This year my entire fighting game pack was stolen. I blame myself for it. It’s not a big deal to me because I’ll just burn the games again. Some people are scum. Don’t live in a bubble. Keep your gear on hand and if you’re loaning it out, make sure people know they’re responsible for bringing it back. Hell make them give you collateral so they have all the reason not to just put it down after they’re done with it.

I guess that’s it for now…

Your an idiot, it IS uncommon in MY tournaments

I’ll have to agree with everying justin said

if push comes to shove, i’d suggest renting the consoles from blockbuster or somewhere similar & add the actual cost (not the deposit) to the site fee

just a suggestion

Provided that I can get a ride to and from the venue both days next year I’m down on helping organizing the event. It’s not a problem booking 3 days off for me.

But if I do help run this this shit next year, your ass ain’t getting past the hallway if I don’t get $10. Even if fucking Jesus shows up at the front door, your ass whether it be black or white is not getting in for free.

my bad about mbac. but it was a last minute thing that couldnt be helped. although i did tell both dawnbringer and kellfire, since those were the only ppl i could get in contact with to mention that i could not make it.

again my apologies

That’s actually a great idea. Does anyone know the standard price for a PS3 rental for 2 days?

i dont think they even rent consoles anymore

As mention before, I think you guys should have collect site fee and trny fee at the same time, before even letting people come in, and also make a list at that time on who is joining which trny. The way you guys did it this year was so confusing, i think there were lot of people that wasn’t planning on scamming, but got confuse. My brother and I was put on 3s bracket, and we have to tell them we didn’t reg for it. My brother also got random seeded in the st brackets. When i was running marvel bracket, I have a guy that paid apparently and wasn’t even at the venue. Another guy that I had to cross off, cuz he claims he didnt reg for it and didn’t paid.

Looks like this tournament was full of…NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOBS.

I did intend to go but transportation issues arose at the last moment, sorry.

Just something to consider if the next venue has TVs, the older games still require CRTs, while the newer ones would be more suited to LCDs because of the resolutions they’re designed to run at (though CRTs should still function without lag or downscaling problems for those games, but I figure it’s not preferable). This is assuming there’s a choice of display type or that anybody cares about this.

Also, is the title TX finalized? It shares the same abbreviation as Texas where they already have a lot of tournaments and threads that involve the term TX. What about T.10 (the period is to balance the extra digit), or using the T as part of the romanized word, like Ten. I’m here all week! :encore:

DD: Hey, my friend lost his ps2 at the tourney and did you find any ps2 left in the basement on the table? Cuz one of the montreal crews was supposed to take care of it but my friend can’t get hold of him. Thanks