T9 results

How many teams entered 3rd Strike?

What’s good with the CvS2 results?

I’ll be there to lend a hand to Stephen as well as bring the insane shit talk everywhere.

BTW big props to Stephen for holding down the Lord Magnus ban.

EDIT: Roger is a Sauga rapist.

what happen?

Two teams take 1st place at 3s? How did that happen?

ya what did happen? i saw lord for a few seconds … turned my head and all of a sudden he was gone.

I’m going to find out today.

Oh FUCK I slept in! The earliest I can get to Toronto is now 3:45 pm, which means I won’t be able to get to the venue until 4:30 pm. NAZIR DON’T START ARCANA HEART WITHOUT ME!

Aren’t you glad you’re well rested?

This just in

K2 just shit talked marn

what happening in guilty gear ?

edit: or anyitng else for that matter

I only remembered the top 3 from Super Turbo:

  1. Justin Wong
  2. WB!
  3. psychochronic

I’m sure chronic will post full results when he returns from T9.

;( why would k2 do that? Martin is like one of the nicest players. What did martin do?

I heard samir cheated

because the finals were best 3/5 i believe.
and both parties were too tired to do it. it’d take so long (like 30 minutes at least), and it was getting pretty late, so they just wanted to split the pot

Sorry for missing Singles today, I woke up at 5:40 pm. . . I pulled a 'WTF, Jiggabry missed T4".

Whatever, team tournies were so much fun this year.

Good work Stephen for running this tourney (PS - I actually paid my 10 dollar entrance fee, so when it comes out to you losing money on venue it wasn’t my fault :(:(:(:(:frowning: Hopefully enough people paid their fees to break even.)

Roger - You beasted our team, rushed us down with tron hardcore. Good work, guess you finally broke the Gerjay curse :slight_smile: Hope you did as well in singles.

3S teams - I got lucky about 5 times a match. . . and I hit most of my stuff as well, good combination. Some solid upsets from our team! And sparta talks the most trash!

CvS2 teams - The same thing from 3S applies to this, also Bry holding it down against 1hitcombo and Pokeguy was clutch, especially after I got dismantled by that K-Hibiki. Also, I came so close to pulling off an upset against roger, but he’s clutch and knew how to block :stuck_out_tongue: Sorry to Lars for switching order on you in CvS2, it was an honest mistake, if you said anything during the match I would have reset :S

Nice to see everybody again, always a great time. However… the venue was hotter than the break during the most packed ECC’s, I couldn’t believe it.

PS - Wish I coulda been there to take the money in Brawl!! We’ll see how I do at the July 26th tourney (if I can get there. . . )

PSS - Sorry to anybody who I Said I would money match (Justin aka Curt aka Nagata. . .), we’ll run the set another time if we can.

Full Super Street Fighter II Turbo results (19 people):

I’ll post up shoutouts/log and upload the pics I took sometime tomorrow.

So i was given this ultimatum: Play losers finals in Tekken and get eliminated from Marvel low-tier tourney, or play in marvel semis and get eliminated from tekken. Fanfuckingtastic

t9 was pretty cool this year. meet alot of chilling people, and saw alot of old faces again. I am so rusty in video game in general, cant even execute basic special move on command anymore, much less even try to combo.

was funny, watch lord magnus asking everyone for money, and i gave him the very last dollar to get him unban from t series.

also somehow i end up running marvel. know i remember why i stop running trny brackets.

edit: anyone that had problem with their seeding in marvel bracket, i apolgizine, since i am not a marvel player, and dunt know everyone skill level. I seeded everyone as best as I can.

Who won cvs2

GGs to everyone I played saturday. Being Washed up and trying to freeload 2nd place money in Marvel teams didn’t work out as planned.

Might’ve came back but I couldnt take another 9 hours of that heat.

Howard, tell me how my ass tastes.

Quick ?

Did the Johnson Bro’s show up? lolol

real world life sucks when you can’t make your vg tournies anymore.