T9 results

VF5 results:

1st Johnson
2nd Mista_tee
3rd Neorussell
4th BoringRyu
Tie for 6th Psychochronic and Llanfair
Tie for 8th Contra and Lennie
Tie for 12th Shiro, Shyft, Pereira and Shifty Nevers

Obviously they did

Can’t believe people were paying quan a dollar for RC cola. . …

If you don’t think you can finish a 30 person CvS2 tournament in under 5 hours, think again.

3rd Strike directing is my bitch. “GET OFF THE FUCKING STATION!”

Club Sauna owned everyone.

I’m exhausted…

actual the rc cola profit went to dark dragon.

Before bed…

3rd Strike (41 entrants)
1st - Justin Wong
2nd - ChiRithy
3rd - AneurysmX
4th - JS Master
5th - Akuma Mark
5th - Freddyloco
7th - Eric Hai
7th - AdamB

Capcom vs SNK 2 (30 entrants)
1st - Justin Wong
2nd - Freddyloco
3rd - Flash Metroid
4th - Ratio1beatdown
5th - Ranaku
5th - JS Master
7th - Poke Guy
7th - Jreinert

^ Thank u

this was the first tourny where i didnt have to scream at ppl for them to hear me, that was awesome

regarding post below

how the heck did that happen, was it due to time constraingths? IF it wasn’t, than that is mad whack yo, but i hope u still come to the next T tourny, hopefully, they will make sure that shit doesn’t happen again

Yeah, that was pretty ridiculous. For what it’s worth, I think you could’ve knocked VDO out and made it into the grand finals against Justin (especially considering the fact that you sent VDO into losers in the first place). But I guess there’s no point mulling over this now.

Aside from that BS, I thought the low tier tournament was a lot of fun. I hope it becomes a regular fixture in the T tournaments in the future. Good games to everyone I played.

Mihan, your getting really, really good. Keep it up.

Big thanks to the man himself, DarkDragon, for fronting the money and footing the loss on the venue for T9. The scene can’t thank you enough for stepping up and taking over the T series tourny. Great job!

Thanks to Jay, Yuhin and all tourny directors for doing the best job that they possibly can. Lycan, my man from Detroit, shout outs to you too for taking low tier MvC2 brackets into your own hands when you noticed it was severely falling behind.

J-Wong, Marn, Flash, and all of you out of towners, MTL, Ottawa, and Edmonton, again, you guys don’t dissapoint and bring numbers down to another T series tourny. Get a MTL Tourny or Ottawa Tourny and some of us TO guys will make a trip down there again :wgrin: . Can’t forget Detroit, VDO and his crew, as well as King and his girl, thanks for making it down.

And thanks to everyone that showed up and showed the scene some love.

NOTE about the AHF entry fee: myself + Nagata Lock + JustinW + Marn all paid our AHF entries at the door on Saturday. The guy with the beard and large glasses told me it was $10 for AHF, so I paid $10 for it and I think the rest did as well. But the entry fee was only $5, and we got only $20 from the entry fees collected on Saturday (consistent with 4 guys times $5). So $20 just disappeared. I’d hope that it went towards the venue fee, if we were falling short on that end. Else, said big glasses guy owes us $20.

I don’t really mind this time, but the next time the entry fee sounds wrong (especially when I AM the tournament director), I’m going to just pay my entry fee to the tourney director directly.

I hope no one else got screwed over by paying $10 for side-tourney entries. (Although it’s kinda nice if big glasses guy thought that Arcana Heart was big enough to be an official tournament. :wink:)

Moving on, here are the Arcana Heart Full Full Results:

8 entrants, ran for only ~2.5 hours (luckily) at which point I had to go back home.

  1. JustinW (undefeated)
  2. Marn (loses to Bill307 1-2)
  3. Bill307 (forefeits to JustinW due to lack of time; loses to Marn 1-2)
  4. Sleepy (loses to JustinW 0-2; loses to Marn 0-2)
  5. Dawnbringer (loses to Marn 0-2; loses to Sleepy 1-2)
  6. X-Sapphire (loses to Sleepy 1-2; loses to Marn 0-2)
  7. K2 (loses to Bill307 0-2; loses to Dawnbringer 0-2)
  8. MetaF4 (loses to Dawnbringer 0-2; loses to X-Sapphire 0-2)

Grand Finals were not played. I gave Marn the responsibility of dividing the $40 in prize money between him and Justin Wong.

Since Nagata Lock pulled out and both the winners bracket finals and grand finals had to be skipped due to lack of time, Justin Wong had to play exactly 2 games in the tournament to take 1st place. :razz:

Similarly, the losers bracket finals (me vs Marn) was only bo3 because I had to leave in 10 minutes.

AHF MM resuts:

Marn 3-1 Bill307 (I’ll get you next time Marn. Next time. RAAAAAWR!)
JustinW 3-0 Bill307 (No more money matches vs you until I know I can take rounds off of you. :razzy:)

All AHF matches were recorded, though I missed a small piece of Sleepy vs Dawnbringer (memory card filled up >_<).

2nd-lastly, shoutouts:

Sleepy: Congrats man: you came 4th in the tourney and you went undefeated during casuals (including vs me). Therefore, you’re now the best Arcana Heart Full player in Canada. :wink: (I kid, but seriously good job. That secret training w/ Dawnbringer has paid off. :tup:)

MetaF4: Didn’t know you played AHF. Thanks for joining. You should come join us for AHF casuals @ Rae’s place sometime. (Same goes to everyone, really. :wink:)

Nazir: Thanks for helping me out with AHF. I think I see how to do this tournament-running business now. :tup: Good job in AHF, too: I thought you might be one of the stronger players there and I was right. By the way, I figured you might not be enjoying the commentary/noise too much, so I tried to keep quiet during your games vs Marn. <_<

Dawnbringer + K2: thanks for joining AHF. Hope you had fun and will consider joining the rest of us for casuals sometime.

Nagata Lock II: Sorry about the brackets. I thought I had them “perfect” with everyone separated from people they’d played against. But then it turned out Sleepy and Dawnbringer met in losers. >_< On the up side, by pulling out you gave us JUST enough time to reasonably conclude the tourney before I had to leave, so I guess things worked out in the end.

Rae + Pui: As above, the tournament just barely “ended” before I had to leave, so ironically, by not registering you guys allowed us to finish. :wink:

Marn + JustinW: The best part about playing against you guys is that it forces me to play my best and it makes me notice all kinds of mistakes in my game that are rarely exposed against my other opponents. Thanks for the games.

Lastly, on the way home I was thinking of an idea called Win Bill’s Money. See, I figure that since it costs me ~$30 to head to Toronto or Sauga to play, if any Canadian made a trip to Waterloo to play AHF with us (we’ve got 2 guys who can play well, and a few more who’ve tried it a few times), and they managed to beat my Kira in a bo5, then they’d win $30 of my cash. (Or $15 for beating Kamui.) Note that Sleepy already beasted my Kamui 3-0 in casuals today, so this is almost like free money for him. :wink:

(… In retrospect, that 3-0 was probably a good sign to AVOID using Kamui in the MMs and tournament, even though I was eager to see how I’d do with her. :sweat:)

All things considered, I spent about $100 this weekend to come 3rd in AHF. Was it worth it? … Probably not. :razzy: Looks like I’ve gotta go without KFC for the rest of the month (home-cooked food only!) to make up for the loss. I did get all that 3s footage, though. Tomorrow I’ll get working on all the videos I recorded.

Let it be known, if I see anybody with Antwan aka Alucard from Detroit’s stick at anyone of these tournaments, I will personally fuck you up, this is not a weak threat from somebody who talks shit online and won’t do shit when he sees you, this is a warning not to bring the stick to any event that I’m attending. If I find out that you have it, that your boy has it etc… I don’t give a fuck who stole it, who took it, or any of the fucking details, I am going to hit you so fucking hard you’ll probably be in the Special Olympics playing games instead next time, this is not a joke or some internet nerd giving threats, I Am A Monster and a Horrible Human Being in general, fucking with my boys property is like stealing food from my kids mouth, you hoes have been warned.

the first post mixed up T5 DR results with VF5

T5DR off the top of my head,

  1. trevor
  2. lawrence (omg storm)
  3. yucorp
  4. justin wong
  5. jin11/neorussell

so did xvsf happen?

Why would I charge 10$ for AH lol. The only game I made the mistake for 10 was XVS and when I mentioned it, they didn’t enter it until things were cleared up and they talked to Shiro instead.
Bill and Justin were the only two I took entry fees for AH and they were $5.

I looked at the pre-reg list, AH had a whopping 12 people and four people came up to me about AH, the two mentioned, one kid and one of the dt Remy guys, who I both told to talk to Nazir.

No point in trying to pocket 20 dollars that would be better off going towards something else other than myself.

edit - Huge thanks to Stephen for getting shit running. The respective tournament directors, players new and old, and the good times. Quan, Yuhin, Nazir & Pui for holding the desk and that asshole Nagata for finishing off 3s haha.

And the whole Antwan thing was fucked up.
Please post if anyone has seen the SF AE stick with black buttons.

Hey,I personally had fun. Thanks for having this tourney.

I’m on my own personal journey to become a better tourney player,so I really app the chance that I got to attend this and get better.

ALSO,this was the VERY FIRST TIME that I got to play JustinW,And I wanna say that personally he is by far the most humble player I’ve ever met,Or atleast as equally humble as John Choi was back in 2002 (when he was winning everything)

I’m 29 and I beleive that he’s maybe 22,Kid taught me alot just off playin him one game,I got footage of it,And I"ll show it to my crew back home so that we can continue our efforts in becoming great! Thanks again all!

PS: Sorry to any heads that I cracked! lol but after all,I am KING


T9 was good stuff this year… asides from the heat in the building… you can literally feel a heat wave as you walk into the place haha

big thanks to Stephen for running this, there wouldnt be anything this year without you stepping up and getting this down.

Flash - It was really great playing against you again after 2 years, its so painful to make a mistake against you, since i’d just die after that =\

Marn - Holy shit eddie. now i’m gonna go secret train some eddie and rape… probably not. Good games, it was really fun regardless of how much i get raped =(

JustinW - im still amazed by how fast you adapt to things, the same things will not hit you twice… even though i only played you once, i learned of your legend, damn. And i didnt counter pick you, i’m just not counter picking myself =P Good stuff man

Buffalo guys - I dont know you individually, but thanks for coming. You guys are pretty good, especially the Anji player. Hopefully we’ll play again.

Kellfire - Thanks a lot for providing equipment and taking videos of casuals/tourney matches, we couldnt of done it without you.

K2 - you missed combos =( and i just realized you stole my pad lol

Nazir - anti eddie tactics didnt help you =(

John - me and k2 fucking train you up and you eliminate us, asshole! Now you’re toronto #1 lol. Gj.

Dawnbringer - You ALMOST brought another upset. I wish you pulled through tho, coz now Marn’s 2nd =( you need to come out and beast more.

Stephen - “Thanks for the fucking instant kill” lol. too good man.

Really hope to play against all the out of towners again someday. On the side note, I’ve been acknowledged to be top 10(maybe) in US by flash and marn coz of my randomness :rock:

See you guys at LG.

Big thanks to DarkDragon for organizing this and everyone who helped out. It was a lot of fun and I hope there’s a T10 in the works.

Like to give a big thank you to Stephen for running T9. Its not easy to find a good venue, organize a tourney, and make a lot of picky gamers happy and I hope a lot of people realize that in spite of the fact it was a sauna in there.

Thanks to all the directors and ggs to everyone I played. Hopefully there’ll be a T10…

Wow. Good stuff reading up on how this turned out. Little beat that the Marvel Low-Tier Tourn didn’t get recorded…at all. Overall, sounds like this went well.

p.s. T.K.K. Damn, you’re on some serious shit. Just checked out your Youtube. Your interview is no joke. :stuck_out_tongue:

T9 was fun, 3s team tournament was a really exciting one.

ps. big thanks to the guys who kept my cake safely``